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Established in 1998, FC Valet is a leading parking and hospitality services provider. We pride ourselves on our industry-leading training, cutting edge technology, and responsive customer service.

We work with companies coast-to-coast to implement strong and effective parking management services. Learn more about what our services can do for your business.

Our suite of services include:

 FC Valet is dedicated to making customers happy by removing one of the most frustrating stressors there is—parking chaos. No one likes going into parking garages only to drive in circles searching for a spot. Whether at a hotel, a restaurant, or even a hospital, working with efficient and resourceful parking solutions provides a level of ease and comfort that no one else can compare to.

FC Health is YOUR partner for parking management services with safety, security, and privacy in mind.

Healthcare services are always evolving, and the facilities they are hosted in need to evolve with them. Parking can be a challenge at healthcare venues, especially as new buildings are needed to provide more advanced care for your clientele.

We take a data-driven, dynamic approach to healthcare parking services, working with every client to determine a unique parking management plan that works for your facility. We take into account factors like car retrieval, parking management trollies, and parking technology that makes it easy to find and reserve a spot at a healthcare facility.

Some of our satisfied clients:


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Operating across the United States, we provide contracted service to more than 100 distinguished businesses, including:

… and more.

FC Valet will save you money.

FC Valet will save you money

Our innovative revenue and expense control systems ensure to raise your bottom line while reducing out-of-pocket costs. For facilities that collect revenue from parking operations, we employ strategic control systems and dynamic marketing that lead to a revenue increase of 17% and a 23% reduction in operating costs. This means that you can dedicate more funding towards your business and facility, and trust that parking services are able to manage themselves.

Our service philosophy

In business for over 25 years, FC Valet is a leader in the valet parking industry. Our service philosophy is simple: we work to improve people’s day through safe and effective professional parking services.

We focus on enhancing the guest experience while improving safety. The experience begins the moment your guests arrive and end only when they leave your grounds. Our team creates an exceptional first and last impression.

Find out how our valet services and parking management can help improve your guests’ experience!

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