Case Study

Advocate Health

FC has been working with Advocate health since 2010 and has cut their costs by an average of 27%.


FC Health started with the Advocate Health system in 2010. After showing significant cost savings at their largest site, we participated in an RFP response and were chosen to provide valet, parking management, guest services, grounds, shuttle transportation and other services across the health system.

Financial Impact

FC decreased costs at Advocate sites by an average of 27%. We achieved this by reducing bill rates, eliminating overtime and unnecessary billable hours using our Adaptive Staffing Model. Information collected in our valet automation software allows for data-based staffing decisions.

Advocate Health FC Valet Savings

Service Impact

Since our transition to system provider, FC is proud to have 52 Mission Values Philosophy nominations and 39 winners. We attribute our service success to high recruiting standards, patient-focused customer service training and state of the art technology systems.

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