Shuttle Bus Services

Our shuttle bus services will help your guests get where they need to be with comfort and ease. Businesses hire shuttle bus services for a multitude of reasons; to transport patrons or employees to and from an off-site parking lot, move patients between buildings on hospital campuses, or help guests travel safely from hotels to surrounding attractions.

From golf carts to 50 passenger vehicles, FC has the fleet, experience and resources to service a variety of shuttle transport applications. Some of the most common places to encounter shuttle busses are at:

  • Airports
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Hospitals or medical centers
  • University or college campuses
  • Events
  • Tourist towns, such as ski towns

So, how much does it cost to supply shuttle bus services, and is it worth it? What sort of value does it add?

We at FC Valet have seen the value that shuttle transportation services add for guests. Whether it means that elderly or mobility impaired patrons will have a safe way to get to their appointments, or that late-night partygoers won’t need to worry about getting back to their hotel safely, a shuttle bus can really make a difference for your guests.

Our mission is to deliver personal and professional services that align with the culture and mission of our clients. To that end, our front-line and management teams participate in our client’s service training programs to help ensure that the service received while utilizing the shuttle transportation service is at the same level received throughout your business. We strive to integrate seamlessly into your organization. From the uniforms that you use to the rapport you hold with guests, we will ensure our team fits right in.

What makes us different?

In shuttle transportation and in everything we do, our commitment to safety and guest experience guides our every move. Our shuttle programs consist of the most qualified drivers, industry leading training and oversight programs and world-class technology. Our focus in these areas results in properly licensed drivers, performing their very best, in vehicles that are clean and mechanically sound.

Allow us to help improve the patient or guest experience with a custom shuttle transportation program that fits needs of your facility.

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