Our Technology

We utilize the most up to date technology available in the industry to improve service delivery, efficiency and transparency.

Application based valet parking software captures data on mobile devices utilized by our front-end team. Program automation allows for cloud based, real time, provider and customer access to all program data. We analyze program data to ensure the right amount of staff at the right times.


Time & Attendance Tracking 

Billing transparency is a very important aspect of contracted services. With this in mind, we use a mobile GPS time and attendance system for tracking hours and vehicle activity. Reports are sent electronically to our clients as invoice back-ups. This technology ensures that hours billed equal hours worked with no room for error.

All punches are GPS verified. Invoices include payroll backup with employee name, date, and hours worked for 100% transparency in invoicing.

Fast Workforce HR software allows our recruiting department to efficiently attract, screen and on-board candidates.


Industry-leading scheduling software allows for real-time schedule updates and employee access across multiple devices.

Managers receive notifications if employees don’t confirm shifts prior to start time so we can fill no-call / no-shows BEFORE the shift starts. The software sends a list of available attendants and we offer a call-in bonus for shift pick-ups.

We are able to schedule efficiently, and ensure our operation is within budget at all times.