Hotel and Hospitality Parking Lot Services

The first impression your guests have of your facility occurs when parking. Whether this is via valet, in a lot, or in a garage, it is important that the experience be seamless, to get everything off on the right foot.

What Does a Parking Attendant Do?

With so many elements of parking lots computerized, you may wonder what it is that your parking lot management has left to do. While taking tickets and operating as a cashier is part of the job in some lots, there is much more that goes into keeping a parking lot running safely and efficiently.

Our parking lot attendants:

Our lot attendants’ top priority to keep your parking lot running safely and efficiently.

Whether you offer your parking lot for free to your visitors or you charge a fee for the service, your lot needs to meet a high standard. That is where employing parking lot attendants comes in. A parking lot service can ensure that your lot operates efficiently, and is clean, well-lit, and safe.

Revenue Collection & Control

If you charge a fee for the use of your valet service or parking facility, FC Valet can work with you to employ our state-of-the-art revenue systems to ensure fare collection goes off without a hitch, whether it is collected by an attendant or a machine.

We will provide you with timely and thorough financial reporting, and perform regular audits to ensure everything is running as it should.

In addition, by working to keep your full lot operational every day of the year, we will maximize the number of parking spots available, thereby maximizing revenue. Through regular maintenance and upkeep, we will minimize areas of the lot that are not available for parking, and by creating a safe, efficient lot, we will ensure customers want to return.

At FC Valet, we employ the best people, and believe that you can train anyone to operate a parking lot, but you can’t train them to care. We hope to help you with all of your parking needs.

Find out how our valet services and parking management can help improve your guests’ experience!

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