Hospital Parking Management and Valet Services

When it comes to parking challenges, hospitals have it all. Between high traffic volume, various buildings and departments with different needs, and a high percentage of guests with special needs, it can be difficult to ensure your parking system is checking off all of the boxes.

FC Valet works with healthcare facilities across the country to maximize the efficiency and safety of their parking lots and garages, while maintaining a high bar for the guest experience.

Parking Facility Management

Our primary focus in hospital parking management is improving parking safety while enhancing the patient experience. We keep traffic flowing and facilities clean and well lit so that your patients, guests, and employees feel secure coming to and from your hospital.

Expert Hospital Parking Services

Our hospital parking management consultants will also work directly with you to ensure your facilities are being utilized as effectively as possible. By maximizing the number of available parking spots, coordinating with valet and shuttle services, and ensuring the flow of traffic, we will maximize the efficiency of your parking system.

Our hospital parking facility management and attendants:

A safe, clean, and well-lit parking facility is important anywhere, but especially in a healthcare environment. We take special care to ensure that guests of your facility are safe from the moment they arrive on your property until they depart.

Find out how our valet services and parking management can help improve your guests’ experience!

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Coordinating Parking Solutions

FC Valet is an industry leader in parking solutions, and will work with you to implement the systems that will make the parking at your facility as seamless as possible. By coordinating valet services, self parking, and shuttle bus services, we will make your parking system work the best it can for all of your patients, guests, and employees.