Our Company

Established in 1998 and celebrating our 20th year, FC is a leader in parking and hospitality staffing solutions. We provide contracted service to more than 100 of the nations most distinguished healthcare facilities, restaurants, country clubs and hotels. We recognize that guests see parking and hospitality attendants as a reflection of the hosting business. It is with this in mind that FC is committed to providing service that is safe, convenient and pleasurable. Our service seamlessly reflects our client’s own commitment to customer care. FC branched into divisions, with one — FC Health — focused solely on healthcare.

Our Team

FC Health

FC Health is the healthcare hospitality division of FC. We offer a wide range of healthcare parking management and hospitality staffing services backed by dynamic training, stringent internal controls, up-to-date technology and responsive customer service. Our parking and hospitality professionals are trained to the highest standards in the industry. From their initial background check through their training and development, our team members are individually groomed to provide an unsurpassed experience that you and your guests will remember.
We pride ourselves on providing small-business attention to detail with large-business resources. Our goal is to increase guest satisfaction, improve patient flow and reduce our customers’ costs.

Our Approach

Our organization sets itself apart from the competition through our continual business system innovation. While many companies operate in a reactive manner, working to resolve challenging situations as they occur, our approach is proactive. We work to anticipate potential issues and develop solutions before they occur. This strategy helps us to prevent problems from occurring and allows us to create much more effective and efficient solutions if issues do arise.

Strategic Partnerships

Through partnerships with industry-leading organizations, we are able to manage our company’s growth and evolution in the most efficient, responsible and professional manner. We are a medium-sized business with big-business resources.

Certifications / Associations