EV Infrastructure Planning

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EV Infrastructure Planning Services

Why is EV infrastructure important? As more and more people purchase electric vehicles, the need for charging stations will increase. Getting ahead with EV parking planning helps ensure that your parking facility is ready to meet this demand.

How many charging stations do I need? That depends on different factors, such as:

A general rule of thumb is to have a charging station for every 10 to 20 parking spaces. But you might need more, depending on the type of facility you have and how much traffic it gets.

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Benefits of EV Infrastructure in Your Parking Lot

Planning EV spaces in your parking facility offers important advantages. Some of the top benefits of providing places for drivers to charge their electric cars include the following.

Local Regulation Compliance

Laws on EV infrastructure are already in effect in some areas. Is your parking facility in compliance? You may need to provide a minimum number of chargers for a new parking structure, for example.

Staying ahead with EV planning means you can ensure that you’re complying with regulations in your area.

Increased Convenience and Customer Satisfaction

Many electric vehicle drivers look for parking lots or garages that provide EV spots. It’s a convenient parking option for them. Being a facility that has this infrastructure in place means you’ll attract more business and encourage customer loyalty.

Tax Credits

Several tax credits are available for California business owners:

  • California Competes Tax Credit: Incentives for doing business in CA
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Station Financing Program: Low-interest loans on EV charging infrastructure that may cover the full cost of the project
  • Self-Generation Incentive Program: Incentives for installing EV charging stations
  • California Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Project: Incentives for buying and installing eligible charging stations
  • California Alternative Energy and Advanced Transportation Financing Authority: Financing for using technologies to lower greenhouse gas emissions

Cost-Effective Power Generation and Additional Revenue

Solar shade structures in your parking lot or on your garage roof can power your facility and EV charger power bank. You might also have the option to sell power back to the government to offset parking asset operating expenses.

Planning to charge drivers for using charging stations? That gives you another source of revenue, which can add up over time.

Why Work With FC Valet for EV Parking Lot Solutions?

At FC Valet, we offer a high-quality experience for clients who need infrastructure planning for electric cars. Our experts can help with all of the following:

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