Healthcare Valet Solutions

You bring your patients top-notch care when they visit your facility. At FC Valet, we are here to ensure your patients and guests feel safe and cared for from the moment they pull up to your property until they depart.

Healthcare Valet In the Time of COVID-19

We are keeping our team and your guests safe with an infection control process developed with and blessed by the nation’s top healthcare providers. Valet and parking attendants:

We’re making valet parking safer than ever!

Why Valet Parking for Hospitals?

  • Enhances the patient or guest experience
  • Reduces congestion, organizes traffic flow, and streamlines arrival
  • Replaces the stress involved in searching for parking with a warm, effortless welcome
  • Optimizes parking to allow guest access to the closest self-park spaces
  • Maximizes parking space by efficiently parking vehicles and stacking vehicles when needed

Why FC Health?

Hospitals and healthcare campuses take great strides to prioritize their patient’s health and well-being. While doctors, nurses and hospital staff provide the majority of care, there are a wide range of patient needs outside the realm of medicine. Such needs can be best handled by a company specializing in customer service and safe transit, so hospital staff and administrators can focus on what they do best.

FC Valet has expertise in a number of parking and transportation related healthcare needs, and can streamline them under their system of management:

Your hospital could add a previously unoffered service, say shuttle buses from your employee parking lot, or invite FC Valet to find parking solutions to improve patient satisfaction and cost-effectiveness of a current program. 

FC Valet has the industry knowledge and extensive training protocols to manage your hospital’s transit and hospitality needs. You can manage your front-desk, transport and parking professionals all in one place renowned for customer satisfaction, cost-saving programs, and patient convenience.

Expand Your Hospital’s Accessibility 

Valet services are an expansion of accessibility on your medical campus. Many patients have mobility constraints or pain that makes long distance walking difficult. Valet parking allows them front door access closer than handicap parking, and a valet assistant to aid them in exiting their vehicle and retrieving their mobility aid.  

In poor weather or winter months, valet parking prevents injuries from trekking long distances over slippery terrain. Such services also provide peace of mind, letting patients and visitors focus on recovery instead of parking availability. 

From valet parking services to ensure easy access to the entrance, to the trained helper pushing wheelchairs through the halls; FC Valet has the capacity and patient-prioritizing personnel for it all. 

Find out how our valet services and parking management can help improve your guests’ experience!

Get In Touch

What do healthcare valet services bring to your hospital?

Having valet professionals on your hospital’s team bring benefits for several reasons: 

At FC Valet, we have direct experience in raising customer satisfaction ratings on medical campuses through providing hospital valet parking. Higher satisfaction scores lead to word-of-mouth recommendations, strengthened customer loyalty leading to future bookings, and overall improved brand reputation. Patient experience starts before your guest even enters your front door, make that time count.

Our People 

At FC Valet we hire for personality and train for proficiency – we can train someone to park cars, but we can’t train them to care. Recruitment requires a sterling driving record and clean criminal background check, but also evidence of compassion, hospitality and attentiveness. All employees are trained in a patient-centered healthcare and hospitality training curriculum that meets HIPAA, The Joint Commission and five-star hospitality practice standards. 

A hospital visit can already be stress-inducing before layering on worries over open parking spots, long walks to hospital wings, and fears over getting lost. Adding our hospitality professionals to your team can make a stressful necessity a delight, as patients can hand over their vehicle to an attendant, get help with walkers and wheelchairs, and get sent in the right direction with a human touch. 

Bring in our customer service professionals to your hospital to provide safe, essential services with a smile.