Professional Hotel Valet Parking and Attendants

Your guest’s experience starts the moment they arrive at your hotel. Parking can be an unpleasant experience, particularly with luggage in tow. By having a fully staffed hotel valet service at the ready, you ensure that your guests start their stay right with a seamless arrival.

Our mission is to deliver personal and professional service that aligns with the culture and mission of our client. To that end, our front-line and management teams participate in our client’s service training programs to help ensure that the service received at the hotel’s valet service is at the same level received throughout the facility.

Valet team leaders create a warm welcome, luggage assistance, and seamless handoff to your team. The hospitality continues throughout the guest’s stay with directions, suggestions, and insights into the city!

Professional Hotel Valet Parking and Attendants

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What Does a FC Hotel or Resort Valet Do?

A parking valet curates a seamless experience arriving at and departing from your venue. In addition to taking care of the vehicle, our valet will always do the following:

  • Greet guests — each entrance will have at least one attendant present at all times
  • Assist guests with luggage
  • Provide guests with resort information and wayfinding
  • Assist elderly or disabled guests
  • Escort guests in bad weather, ensuring guests stay safe and dry
  • Have guest’s vehicle ready for them upon departure, using our text-in vehicle retrieval
  • Make sure guest’s departure is as pleasant as their arrival

What Makes us Different?

There are many companies to choose from. Here’s what sets us apart:

Our People

“We can train people to park cars, we can’t train them to care.” Our industry-leading recruiting program finds the best candidates, and we train them in accordance with Forbes and AAA standards. Each of our employees have been background checked, and are trained to adhere to our standards and yours. We staff the best people, and integrate them seamlessly into your operation.

Our Technology

Our proprietary technology creates full transparency in revenue and operating expenses. You’ll be on the same page with us when it comes to all of our operations, and will be able to see how our business benefits yours.

Our technology extends to our staffing system with online scheduling software that verifies attendance in advance, preventing tardiness and missed shifts. GPS verified time clocks ensure accurate payroll reports. We also maintain FLEX teams of on-call staff with a rapid response time.

And lastly, our technology directly benefits your guests with text-in vehicle retrieval and two-way text communication for the duration of the guest’s stay. With our software, an article left in a guests vehicle is just a text message away.

From behind-the-scenes business operations to on-the-ground client services, we stay at the top of our field, integrating technology to optimize every facet of our business.