Parking Facility Management

Whether you want to add a parking garage to your facility as a perk for your guests, you’re looking to offer parking as an additional revenue generator for your property; or you have an existing garage that isn’t operating as desired, FC Valet is here to help.

We will provide the full staff for your parking garage, from the attendants to the managers, all the way to parking consultants to ensure your garage reaches its maximum potential.

Parking Facility Management

Parking Management Attendant Duties

You might be wondering, with many parking lots using electronic gates and fully computerized payment methods, what it is that your staff of parking facility attendants have left to do. While taking tickets and operating as a cashier is certainly an important duty, there is much more that goes into keeping a parking garage running safely and efficiently.

On a typical day, our parking facility management or attendants will:

The most important thing is that your garage is safe, and it is our garage attendants’ top priority to keep it that way. Together as a team, the management and attendants will keep your parking facility clean, well-lit, and safe.

Parking Revenue Management

If you are operating your parking garage for a fee, we will work with you to ensure timely and thorough financial reporting.

In addition to making sure all equipment is operating properly, and that patrons are being charged properly, our parking facility consultants will work with you to ensure your garage is operating at its full potential. Through regular maintenance and upkeep, we will minimize areas of the garage that are not available for parking, and by creating a safe, efficient garage atmosphere, we will ensure customers want to return.

We are accustomed to working with a variety of businesses and systems, and can either work with the revenue system you have in place, or work with you to enhance it. We are a flexible garage management company that does much more than just parking facility management.

At FC Valet, we pride ourselves on industry leading training, cutting edge technology, and responsive customer service. We know we can provide the best parking facility management there is to offer, and would love to talk to you about your needs.

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