Patient Transportation Services

All patient flow in a hospital is interconnected, making patient transportation an essential ingredient to efficient, cost-effective resource, and support.

Why outsource your patient transportation services?

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Cost savings and lower impact on your department’s resources – our non emergency patient transport team costs less than in-house techs, nurses and support services team members
  • Your team can focus on patient care and spend more time working in your department
  • Our team is trained specifically on patient transportation and wheelchair operations
  • Wheelchair tracking software ensures chairs are in service as much as possible
  • Reduces risk for your team and facility
  • Patient transport service pairs well with valet and shuttle operations – we can even leverage our valet and shuttle staff to help with hospital transportation and discharge as needed – further reducing cost

From our industry-leading training and oversight programs to our state-of-the-art technology, FC has the resources and experience to improve patient transportation and reduce costs at your facility. We care about your patients and guests as much as you do. Let us help improve your patient throughput.

Why Outsource Healthcare Valet Parking and Hospitality Services to FC?

Lower Operating Expenses: FC operates our programs efficiently and seamlessly. We ensure cost savings by collecting and analyzing program data. We adjust service hours to meet demand and match labor hours to vehicle volume. By and. FC offers competitive wages with lower fringe benefit rates. Our experienced, hands-on shift managers and area account managers increase supervision while spreading out costs. If you have current employees, they can be seamlessly moved onto our payroll.

Industry Specific Recruiting and Training: Our attendants are hired for innate qualities like hard work, care and compassion. All employee’s attend FC University where we train on industry best practices for driving, security, how to engage patients and guests, and tips to increase patient satisfaction. Our comprehensive, patient-centered healthcare and hospitality training curriculum also covers five-star hospitality practices, HIPAA and The Joint Commission standards.

Adaptive Staffing: Our data-based staffing model increases efficiency, reduces costs and ensures a flexible workforce during peak and off-peak hours.

Lower Risk: Our attendants are rigorously vetted and comprehensively trained in all aspects of healthcare and hospitality safety and security. We work with the best loss prevention and risk management companies in our industry to ensure lower risk for your patients, guests and facilities.

Find out how our valet services and parking management can help improve your guests’ experience!

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Valet Parking Software and Technology

Parking and hospitality services have been our focus for over 20 years. Managing entry level staff can be challenging, we’ve made it our specialty! Outsourcing parking and hospitality services to us means healthcare facilities can focus on what they do best.