Airport Valet and Parking Services

The parking operations at most airports are vast. Between multiple garages and lots, shuttle busses, and the frenzy of pick-up and drop-off locations, navigating airport parking can be stressful for any traveller. That’s where FC Valet’s airport parking services comes in.

We provide airport valet as an alternative to benefit both travellers and airport parking management. FC Valet’s airport valet parking:

Airport valet parking doesn’t just make parking easier for your guests — it makes the entire process easier for you, as well.

Airport Valet and Parking Services

Why FC Valet?

At FC Valet, we have worked in parking management for over 20 years, and know how to integrate valet seamlessly into your existing parking management operation. We also have knowledgeable parking management consultants to work with you during this process, or if you need assistance in other areas of your parking facility management.

Our People

Above all else, what sets us apart is our people. We always say “we can train people to park cars, we can’t train them to care.” We recruit only the best people, and train them in conjunction with Forbes and AAA standards, ensuring high service and safety levels.

In addition to our rigorous training program, our employees will also go through training with you, to ensure they meet all standards your airport expects of your employees.

The airport valet experience with FC Valet involves more than just parking cars. We will help travellers out with their luggage, and ensure that they reach the next stop in their check-in process. Our drivers are knowledgeable about the facilities where they work, and are available to warmly answer any questions travellers may have.


Our industry-leading technology provides full transparency is revenue and operating expenses, verifies attendance in advance, preventing tardiness and missed shifts. We also maintain FLEX teams of on-call staff with a rapid response time. This means that when your airport experiences a busier-than-normal day, we are available to staff additional drivers as needed.

With text retrieval, travellers will be able to let us know when they’ve landed, so that we can retrieve their vehicle, and have it ready for them once they arrive at the valet station.

Please contact us today to discuss how airport valet service can benefit your airport parking system.

Find out how our valet services and parking management can help improve your guests’ experience!

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