California Valet Services

Driving in many parts of California can be a major hassle. Los Angeles is ranked #1 in the country for traffic congestion, and San Francisco, #5. Even in less congested areas, the fact remains that Californians spend inordinate amounts of time driving.

So, with all of this stressful time spent in traffic and driving long distances on freeways, by the time your guests finally arrive at your business, the last thing they want to think about is parking. Valet parking in California, and particularly busy city centers, is a great solution to this problem.

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Why Valet in California?

Valet parking services in Los Angeles and California are growing in popularity, and there’s good reason why. Patrons can rest easy knowing that their vehicle won’t be towed or ticketed, and businesses get a leg up by providing added value to their customers.

Valet parking services in Los Angeles, Orange county and other city centers are great because:

Businesses outside of city centers can still benefit from valet parking services, of course. Valet parking ensures that:

California Valet Services

About FC Valet

Established in 1998, FC Valet has over 20 years of experience providing valet parking solutions in California. We pride ourselves on our industry-leading training, cutting edge technology, and responsive customer service.

Whether in a city center or a suburban area, we are equipped to handle valet parking anywhere and everywhere. Operating across the United States, we provide contracted service to more than 100 distinguished businesses, including:

Utilizing FC Valet for your valet parking service in California will actually save your business money. Our innovative revenue and expense control systems ensure your costs will fall while your bottom line increases. We increase revenue for our clients by an average of 17%. Through adaptive staffing and strategic industry partnerships, we reduce operating expenses for our clients by an average of 23%.

Above all, FC Valet stands above other valet service providers because of our amazing people. We can train people to park cars; we can’t train them to care! Our employees all possess the intangible qualities of hard work, empathy, and integrity. Our training and oversight programs create an exceptional service experience for each and every guest.

We work to improve people’s days. We focus on enhancing the guest experience while improving safety. The experience begins the moment your guests arrive and ends only once they are safely back in their vehicles, and our team creates an exceptional first and last impression.

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