Valet Services in Los Angeles

Due to the large local population and heavy traffic, parking in Los Angeles can be a real problem. When you work with FC Valet, your customers can relax knowing that their parking management needs will be handled by professionals and their cars are well taken care of.

With over 25 years of experience in the valet industry, we know exactly what it takes to provide impeccable service for the Los Angeles market. By way of our cutting-edge technology and well-trained employees, FC Valet can handle whatever logistical challenges with parking that your business might present.

What Sets FC Valet Apart from Competitors?

Top-notch employees are the main thing that sets FC Valet apart from our competitors. Not only are our team members attentive, but they are also personable, professional, and service-oriented. This means you can rely on FC Valet to act as a trusted extension of your business. We are even a certified member of the National Parking Association.

Additionally, FC Valet uses the most up-to-date parking technology in the industry. With mobile apps and GPS tracking, we know the exact location of cars and drivers at all times. As a result, we are able to provide timely service, efficiency, and transparency for our Los Angeles customers.

With over two decades in the business, FC Valet is a leading provider of valet parking services in LA and beyond. A large reason we have found so much success is that we emphasize guest safety, leisure, and convenience above all else.

Services that FC Valet Provides

FC Valet is a full-service valet parking company that provides an array of business to business (B2B) transportation offerings for the Los Angeles region. Our services include:

In addition, we tailor our valet strategy to your parking site, ensuring its overall efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Los Angeles Valet Services

Whether your business is a casino, hotel, restaurant, or hospital, valet services set the initial tone for how guests interact with your business. When you remove obstacles with self-parking, you create a relaxed atmosphere based on good customer service. As such, you can trust that valet services bring convenience, class, and accessibility right to the front door of your business. 

Valet services at hotels or resorts add a sense of luxury that immediately elevates the image of your brand in the eyes of customers. In turn, this is a great way to differentiate your company in the competitive Los Angeles market. At hospitals, valet services also play an important role by helping patients with mobility issues get to important doctor visits and appointments.

Valet Services in the Los Angeles Area 

Our Los Angeles valet services are founded on top employee training, cutting-edge technology, and attentive customer service. Here are just some of the types of businesses we work with in the area.


FC Valet proudly serves the hospitals of Los Angeles with top-notch valet parking services. Our attendants help with parking logistics and assist patients arriving for treatment.


Our hotel parking management services add a touch of luxury to your business operations. FC Valet improves the flow of car traffic, utilizes limited parking space, and provides enhanced security.


With Los Angeles valet services from FC Valet, patrons won’t skip your restaurant due to parking issues. Our attendants get customers’ cars parked and keep them safe so they can relax.

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FC Valet has a team of over 600 employees that provides exceptional parking services in the Los Angeles market and beyond. Contact us today to learn how FC Valet can help improve customer experiences with your business.