Why your Hospital needs a Valet Parking Service

April 23, 2019

When it comes to providing valet service to patients and guests, valet service is more of a necessity than a luxury. Valet service benefits businesses in a variety of ways, and is of particular benefit to hospitals and medical centers.

What are the benefits of hospital valet?

It’s Good for Patients

Hospitals have unique parking needs due to the proportion of elderly, incapacitated, and mobility impaired guests being served. No matter how many accessible parking spots you provide, there are invariably patients whose visits are difficult due to self-parking. From the stress of navigating a parking lot or garage to the extra ground one needs to cover even just from the accessible parking spot to the door, hospital valet alleviates a number of problems for your patients and guests.

A hospital valet attendant helps your guests and patients by:

  • Assisting elderly or mobility impaired guests from their vehicles to your facility
  • Replacing the stress of searching for parking with a warm welcome and point in the right direction
  • Eliminating what can be a painful walk from the self parking area
  • Coordinating with hospital staff to assist patients who need additional assistance
  • Providing helpful information, such as directions within your facility
  • Having their vehicle waiting for them once they are ready to leave, using text-in vehicle retrieval or web based vehicle request from any of your department’s administrative teams
  • Increasing available self-parking as valet vehicles are parked further from facility entrances.

It’s Good for Operations

The more on-time patients you have, the better things flow. By utilizing a valet service for your hospital, you cannot guarantee everyone will always be on time, but you can move things along more smoothly.

When patients know logistics will go smoothly, they’re less likely to miss appointments as a result of concern over how long things are going to take.

With valet attendants to point patients in the right direction, you ensure the entire arrival process is seamless, and your hospital is better positioned to operate efficiently.

By contracting through an outside valet service provider, rather than attempting to make valet service an internally managed process, you allow your operations staff to focus on what they do best. Contracting a professional hospital valet service to manage parking, risk and entry level labor force is an industry best practice.

It’s Good for Other Patients and Guests

By taking some of the vehicles driven by confused patients seeking out parking spaces out of the mix, traffic flows better in your lots and garages. As mentioned above, there are more available spaces near entrances, allowing those who choose to self park the ability to do so more easily.

If you have limited parking, hospital valet helps to ensure that you won’t run out of parking spaces by analyzing parking allocation and increasing available parking.

It’s Great for Your Business

Providing hospital valet parking service demonstrates to your patients and guests that you care about them. By making their arrivals and departures enjoyable and hassle-free, you create a better overall impression and patient experience. All else being equal, removing the stress and potential physical difficulty of parking can make a real difference and is a major value-add.

You provide high-level care when patients visit your facility. At FC Valet, we are hospital valet parking experts. We ensure your patients and guests feel safe and cared for from the moment they pull up to your property until they depart. We reduce stress and provide warm, caring customer service.

Please contact us to discuss the benefits of hospital valet, costs and how a program from FC will increase patient satisfaction, improve flow and safety at your facility.

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