How Professional Valet Services Help Increase Your Business’s Revenue

April 24, 2019

There are a wide array of benefits from valet parking, one of which is business revenue generation. This might seem obvious if you’re thinking of a valet service for which patrons pay a hefty fee, but it is true across the board — even when you’re providing the service for little or no fee!

How can providing valet parking to your guests or patients increase your bottom line? Well, the answer is multifaceted.

Increased Parking Efficiency

If you’re operating a fee-based parking garage or lot, professional valet services will help this lot run more efficiently and at a greater capacity. Through using stacked parking, you automatically increase the capacity of your lot. The ability to have more cars parked in this lot will increase the revenue generated on a daily basis.

Additionally, traffic congestion in your lot or garage is reduced because fewer people are circling looking for parking spaces, as valet drivers take those cars out of the equation. Lastly, prime spaces toward the front of the lot are left open for self-parking customers, which results in increased client satisfaction not only for valet customers, but for non-valet customers as well.

Revenue Control Systems

A quality valet service provider like FC Valet will implement revenue control systems as well as audit procedures and systems. These systems prevent loss and increase transparency in the parking system revenue.

Improved Labor Efficiency

Valet parking improves your labor efficiency in a variety of ways. The oversight your facility management staff will need to exercise over parking decreases, as our team uses their expertise to ensure parking ops run smoothly.

Additionally, by using a valet service provider, you ensure that you will always have the exact right number of valet drivers on staff. We staff for the regular level of traffic and have a full on-call staff available at a moment’s notice should we experience a higher-than-expected volume.

This means that we don’t need to over staff the valet operation “just in case”, but can trust that we’ll be covered in that case. A system such as FC Valet’s GPS Verified Time & Attendance tracking adds another level of control to the valet staffing process.

Patient Satisfaction

When considering hospital and medical facility valet parking services, the biggest business revenue generator is increased loyalty due to patient satisfaction. Valet parking is a huge value add for hospitals because so many of those who would normally need to self park are elderly, disabled, or ill. Taking the stress of parking out of the equation and facilitating a warm arrival and departure increases loyalty and improves HCAHPS scores.

In addition, providing professional valet services in hospital settings reduces wait times by decreasing the number of patients late for appointments. It has also been shown to decrease the number of missed appointments.

Digital Marketing Campaigns

We drive traffic at clients locations through use of online reservation software. Through use of this technology, we’ve seen revenue increases of up to 18%.

The use of valet parking provides you with an additional touch point with your customers or patients. After your guest has left, your valet service provider can send out a text with a satisfaction survey, tied to a promotional offer if appropriate.

This additional touch point can drive repeat business, increasing business profits.

There are many ways using a valet service provider such as FC Valet can improve your business, and revenue generation is certainly one of them. Contact FC Valet today to discuss how your business could benefit from valet service.

Please call or send a message today to find out how FC Valet can help improve your guests’ experience!

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