Three Places That Could Really Use Valet Services

February 10, 2020

When one thinks of valet parking, what comes to mind is an attentive and friendly valet who greets you at the front door of a facility and parks your car, so that you can go right inside without having to hunt for a parking space. When you’re ready to leave, you simply notify the valet service and your car is brought to the front door. It’s a convenient service that adds a touch of class to any establishment and shows a high level of concern for patrons. But some businesses benefit more than others by having a valet service. Here are the top 3 businesses that can benefit from offering valet services.

Hospital Valet Parking

Offering valet parking at a hospital or healthcare facility reduces congestion and organizes the flow of traffic, making it easier for patients, visitors, doctors, nurses and other staff to get to their destination. 

Someone who’s anxious about their health or the health of a loved one doesn’t need the added stress of having to find parking. Instead, they’re greeted by a friendly, welcoming valet who parks their vehicle. A professional valet can also assist those with mobility issues and provide directions and information.

When the patient or their visitors are ready to leave, they can text for their vehicle and it will be ready for them when they get to the front door. Hospital valet parking is the ultimate in convenience, making the entire experience more comfortable, contributing to overall patient satisfaction.

Airport Valet Parking

For most people, especially frequent business travelers, maneuvering through airport protocols to make a flight can be a stressful experience. Valet parking is the perfect solution to chaotic airport traffic. Instead of having to navigate around airport vans, buses, limousines, taxis and other vehicles, travelers can simply pull up to the valet parking podium, leave their car and go right inside the terminal. They’ll even be assisted with their luggage and directed to the proper counter or gate location.  

Airport valet parking helps control vehicle traffic around terminals for greater airport security. Professional drivers can efficiently park customers’ cars, freeing up parking spaces for self-parking and maximizing parking capacity. In addition to creating a more pleasant experience for travelers, valet parking in airports creates another income stream while improving overall parking profits.

Hotel Valet Parking

When a hotel has a valet parking service, it immediately adds an air of prestige, in addition to providing a valuable service for guests. As a hospitality Business Development professional explains, hotels in today’s hyper-competitive environment must do more to enhance their brand.

With a professional valet service, hotels can boost the value of their service. Valets spend more time interacting with guests than other hotel staff. They assist with luggage, provide information about the hotel’s amenities and give directions to local restaurants and tourist attractions. A hotel valet parking service is an extension of the facility’s hospitality team. It can greatly influence a guest’s opinion of the establishment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Valet Parking

A few questions people often have about valet parking are:

  • Where Do Valets Park Your Car? Vehicles might be parked in a specified section of a lot or parking garage or cars might be moved to an off-site company-owned lot. Regardless of where the vehicle is parked, text-in retrieval ensures that it is ready and waiting when you need it. 
  • How Does Valet Parking Work at a Hotel? The valet stand will be near the front entrance, with a sign that tells you where to stop. You leave your keys with the valet and you’re given a claim ticket, or your cell phone number is captured and transferred to a reusable tag. To retrieve your vehicle, present the ticket or send a text. You can pay in person or through the app. 
  • Do Valets Keep Your Keys? Vehicle keys are given to the valet and are typically kept in a central location, such as a key box. Separate your car keys from other keys before handing them to a valet. Some vehicles come with a “valet key” that only allows access to the door locks and ignition, and not to the trunk or glove box. 
  • Is Valet Service Better Than Self-Park? If you’re in a hurry to get to your destination and there is a lot of traffic with limited parking availability, then valet parking is the better option.

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