How Hotels Can Leverage New Valet Technology

January 13, 2020

Hotel valet parking is the sign of an upscale establishment and a commitment to customer service. Guests are greeted by an attendant, assisted with luggage and directed to the front desk, while their vehicle is conveniently parked for them. When they need to use their car or are ready to leave, their car is waiting for them just outside the front door. New valet technology, such as text-in retrieval, makes this process even more efficient and convenient for hotel guests. But besides customer satisfaction, how can hotels benefit from this new valet parking technology?  

How Hotels Can Benefit from the Latest Valet Technology

For an organization like FC Valet, hotel valet parking is about more than just parking cars. We provide hospitality service that begin the moment a guest arrives at your facility. The seamless integration of our personnel with your staff is aided by the valet technology that we use, which is the most up-to-date in the industry. This technology helps us to enhance service delivery, transparency and efficiency. Our cloud-based mobile apps capture all relevant data from our valet team and creates real-time reports for our clients.

This includes:

  • Time and Attendance Tracking – GPS verified tracking of hours and vehicle activity allows for ongoing analysis to ensure the right amount of staff at the right times for greater efficiency. 
  • Reporting – In addition to real-time reports, this includes text-in vehicle retrieval, revenue collection, program activity and productivity reports, accounting reports and revenue control. 
  • Scheduling – Real time updates with notifications to managers keeps shifts filled so the operation stays within budget.

A leaner operation means a more cost-effective service for our clients. Text-in retrieval plus credit card and mobile payments makes this hotel valet parking service extremely convenient for your guests. Their satisfaction will lead to repeat business and glowing reviews of your establishment, both online and through word-of-mouth recommendations.

Do Valet Services Increase Revenue?

eHotelier, a training organization for those in the hospitality industry, explains how hotel valet parking can enhance customer satisfaction and help hotels boost their revenue. In addition to providing a valuable service for overnight guests, hotels can use valet services to generate additional parking revenue. Urban hotels can offer valet service to local customers who would prefer to wait inside a comfortable hotel rather than a garage when retrieving their vehicle. Waterfront hotels can provide convenient parking and water access packages during slower times of the year. Airport hotels can use their valet service for convenient drop-offs, parking and pick-ups at busy airline terminals. These are all highly desirable services that your guests and other patrons will use and appreciate.

How Does Valet Service Improve Parking Flexibility?

Valet parking can free up 10-15 percent capacity in your hotel parking lot by letting you stack cars and use non-parking spaces. It also lets you effectively use additional off-site spaces. This creates more parking spaces for additional cars, such as dinner guests. Valet parking also provides flexibility during special events, so that attendees can retrieve vehicles quickly and not disturb overnight guests.

Do Hotel Valet Services Increase Safety?

In addition to the benefits mentioned, and perhaps one of the most important for customer satisfaction, hotel valet parking increases guest safety by restricting access to your parking lot. This reduces the chance of guests getting hit while walking through a busy lot as well as minimizes the chance of guests hitting other guests’ vehicles. With professional attendants on duty at all hours, there is also less of a chance of loitering and theft. 

The FC Valet Difference

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