The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Healthcare Concierge Services

May 23, 2019

Healthcare concierge is a service that can add great value to your hospital by improving the patient experience and workflow for employees. Having an exceptional hospital concierge program, operated by an experienced concierge service provider, demonstrates your commitment to patient satisfaction. This allows doctors, nurses, and other hospital staff to focus on patient care.

What Is a Hospital Concierge Program?

A hospital concierge program is a service provided to help patients and their visitors with a variety of tasks. The services provided run a wide gamut, and can be offered as a complimentary part of the patient’s stay, or can be available for an extra fee.

Basic services provided by healthcare concierge companies provide a helping hand to patients and guests. Such services include:

  • Patient check-in
  • Wheelchair transport
  • Hospital tours
  • Assistance booking transportation
  • Clerical assistance
  • Wayfinding
  • Organization of pet visits

Hospital concierge can extend far beyond these service. Depending on the needs and means of your long-term guests, healthcare concierge services can perform a variety of functions.

In addition to helping guests and visitors, a healthcare concierge company can be a great help to doctors and other employees. The service can provide assistance one might expect of a hotel concierge, helping them out with their busy schedules by taking care of laundry service, transportation, and booking travel or other tickets. The services provided will depend on your hospital’s preferences.

Benefits of Outsourcing This Service

Healthcare concierge services are adjacent to patient care, but the two are really very different. The great thing about having an experienced hospital concierge service available is that everything from basic to complex needs can be handled without needing to interrupt the day-to-day operations of your hospital.

When it comes to handling these generally non-health-related tasks, outsourcing can be highly beneficial. Your primary concern is patient care, and it is best to leave hospitality to a company focused on customer service to create and manage your hospital concierge program.

A quality healthcare concierge service provider like FC Valet screens candidates for characteristics necessary to excel in this sort of work, such as hard work, compassion, and integrity.  To guarantee the concierge program remains in line with your brand and expectations, our employees may attend all training you require of your own employees.
Utilizing a patient and guest concierge increases patient satisfaction and loyalty. A quality hospital concierge service exists to perform the tasks that make your facility stand out from the crowd — we go above and beyond so that you can focus on patient care. Contact FC Valet today to discuss enriching your hospital with healthcare concierge services.

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