The Benefits of Hiring an Orange County Valet

March 24, 2020

Orange County, located in the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area, is second only to San Francisco in population density. This busy region boasts major tourist attractions such as Disneyland in Anaheim and Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park, in addition to miles of beaches, countless restaurants, upscale shopping malls, boutiques and hotels, which is why valet parking in orange county is a smart business decision. Medical facilities like Kaiser Permanente Health Pavilion in Anaheim, Children’s Hospital of Orange County and UCI Medical Center in Irvine are examples of business in Orange County utilizing valet services.

Learn how your facility can benefit by offering your customers or patients premium valet services, and why FC Valet provides the best valet parking in Orange County

Why Do You Need Valet Service in Orange County?

People who live in Los Angeles and surrounding Orange County communities spend a lot of time in their vehicles. California freeways are among the busiest in the world. After hours spent in traffic, the last thing people need is to have to hunt for a parking space at your place of business. 

Problems that valet companies in Orange County can help alleviate:

  1. Stressful driving conditions due to congested roads 
  2. Scarcity of parking spaces in busy cities and suburban communities
  3. Dangers of tickets and towing in restricted areas
  4. Loss of business due to difficult parking
  5. Long walks to parking spaces, especially for those with luggage or shopping bags

Having a valet service shows customers that you care about their comfort, convenience and well-being. 

The Benefits of Valet Parking in Orange County

Even beyond the convenience, valet parking offers other benefits for both consumers and businesses.

For hospitals and medical facilities, valet service reduces and organizes traffic around entrances and parking lots to allow for improved flow of people and vehicles. It frees up spaces closer to buildings for self-park patients and guests. Valets provide a warm welcome, directions and answers to questions while assisting those with mobility issues.

For hotels and resorts, valet attendants can assist with luggage and give guests information about local restaurants and attractions. A valet service frees up self-park spaces for short term guests, such as dinner patrons. 

For retail stores, boutiques and restaurants, valet parking is a luxurious amenity, setting you apart from your competition. It helps to reduce stress, so that your visitors can shop (or eat) at their leisure without worrying about running out of time on a parking meter or racking up cost at a parking garage. Shoppers have the convenience of being able to walk out of your store with their shopping bags to their waiting vehicle.

More Information about Valet Services

What makes a great valet? A great valet service provides friendly, helpful valets who can assist visitors. They use the latest technology for real-time reporting, adaptive staffing and text-in vehicle retrieval. 

How much does it cost to hire a valet service? The cost of a valet service varies by region and the services they offer. When comparing costs, consider potential liabilities, such as vehicle damage or an accident caused by an inexperienced valet driver. Professional valet companies use highly trained workers and are full insured.How can valet make my event or business memorable? Imagine your guests or customers driving up to your front door and being greeted by a friendly valet who offers to park their vehicle. This elegant amenity pays for itself in customer satisfaction, word of mouth recommendations and repeat business.

FC Valet—Your Premier Orange County Valet Service

Are you looking for valet companies in Orange County? FC Valet has more than 20 years of experience in valet and parking services. We use cutting-edge technology for text-in vehicle retrieval, revenue and expense control, adaptive staffing and real-time reporting, which helps reduce operating expenses. Our highly trained staff are ready to assist you.

Please call or send a message today to find out how FC Valet can help improve your guests’ experience!

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