Proper Winterization For Your Parking Lot

January 17, 2024

Winter weather can take a toll on your parking lot if it’s not properly prepared. Ice and snow can cause moisture damage. Freezing temperatures can lead to cracks and potholes. Winter storms can bring damaging wind and hail. These conditions can make your parking lot hazardous for drivers and pedestrians. Parking lot winterization plays an important role in ensuring safety from these seasonal hazards. Our parking lot management company offers the following tips to help you get your parking lot ready.

What Is the Process of Winterization?

Winterizing refers to taking steps to protect property from snow and other kinds of outdoor conditions this time of year. What is the process of parking lot winterization? Winter preparation for parking lot surfaces involves reducing the risk of cracks and other damage from cold temperatures. It also includes preventing the kinds of damage and hazards that snow and ice cause. These steps help ensure a safe parking environment for customers and tenants.

How to Winterize Your Commercial Parking Lot

Parking lot winterization includes several tasks, from preventative maintenance to upgrades for an improved parking experience. Your list of tasks to do to prepare your parking lot for the season should include the following.

Clear Away Dirt and Debris

Dead leaves and other debris can give your parking lot an unsightly appearance, while also making it less safe. Debris and dirt can make it hard for water to drain. This can lead to ice buildup on parking lot surfaces, creating a slippery environment for cars and people. Clean dirt and debris from your parking lot to prevent these problems.

Check Lights and Signs

With earlier sunsets and fewer hours of daylight in winter, adequate lighting becomes even more important for safety. Check all lights in your parking lot to make sure they’re working. You should also check signs throughout your parking lot to ensure they’re easily visible. Having good signage and lighting helps reduce the risk of accidents.

Seal Cracks

Cracks in parking lot surfaces can turn into potholes or become larger, resulting in hazardous craters. During winter, snow and ice can fill these cracks, causing them to expand. Sealing cracks before winter weather arrives helps protect against these safety issues.

Fix Potholes

Potholes in your parking lot can make it difficult for vehicles to drive around. Swerving to avoid potholes puts pedestrians at risk, especially if your parking lot has limited space. As part of parking lot winterization, patch up any potholes. This helps provide cars and other vehicles with a smooth and safe driving surface.

Apply Sealcoating for Water Protection

Sealcoating helps protect your parking lot from water, along with UV rays and other hazards. Having snow and ice on parking lot surfaces increases the risk of deterioration and serious water damage. If your parking lot hasn’t been sealed or if the seal coating is worn, it’s time for a new application before cold temperatures and winter storms arrive.

Determine Snow and Ice Removal Methods

Have a plan in place for promptly removing snow and ice. Letting ice or snow build up on parking lot surfaces makes them dangerous to walk or drive on. Make sure you have all of the equipment needed to clear your parking lot as often as needed this winter.

Perform Upgrades and Optimizations

Winter often brings slow periods for parking lots, such as around the holidays or just after them. This is a great opportunity to make needed upgrades to your parking asset. If your parking lot could use some updating to provide a better parking experience, consider performing these parking lot optimizations during winter’s slow times.

What FC Valet Can Provide

Having reliable parking facility management can help you make sure your parking lot is fully winterized. FC Valet offers top-notch service and the right parking lot solutions to ensure a safe and streamlined parking experience for customers and staff. Our parking lot management services include preparing for weather-related hazards, lighting and signage inspections, regular maintenance tasks, and more.

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