Parking Assets 101: Navigating the Decision Maze for Optimal Parking Solutions

January 17, 2024

Safety, efficiency, and convenience are among the most important qualities for a successful parking lot or garage to have. Achieving this depends in large part on having the right parking assets. Having assets that facilitate optimal parking helps ensure that customers have a seamless parking experience. For businesses with paid parking, the right assets also help maximize revenue.

Parking assets refer to the systems or components used to control access and process payments, such as gates and kiosks. Even with the latest technology, though, these assets might not provide optimal solutions without careful management. Parking facility management is essential, but it’s also a challenge for many businesses. From routine safety measures to the maintenance of parking access control systems, businesses may not have adequate staff to handle these tasks.

Parking management services can help businesses accomplish these goals. These services can also help with long-term planning, such as ensuring that parking lots and garages will have enough available parking to accommodate business growth over the years.

With parking assets being such a significant part of business planning, making the right decisions is important. The following guide can help businesses understand how to choose parking assets and how to time these investments right.

Business Planning Steps for Parking

When planning parking, businesses should assess current and future needs. Business growth in the coming years may lead to an increased demand for parking, for example. Aligning parking assets with business objectives helps ensure that businesses invest in the right parking access control systems and revenue systems.

Evaluating current parking demands provides a starting point for determining the types of assets to invest in. Estimating how many cars visit during peak hours can offer this information. Businesses should also consider surrounding facilities that might affect parking demand, such as the presence of a park or shopping center nearby.

When choosing parking assets, the correct parking management plan, access equipment, and revenue equipment are highly important. Having the right assets in place sets businesses up for success now and in the future. These assets can help ensure a seamless parking experience as parking demands change over the years.

To ensure adequate parking over time, businesses should anticipate growth. Forecasting business growth helps businesses make the best decisions on parking assets. For example, if anticipated growth is high, businesses should invest in parking facility management services from the start to help keep parking operations running smoothly. Investing in automated access control can help enhance safety and security, while innovative payment technology can help ensure accurate and convenient payment processing.

Optimal Timing for Parking Asset Investments

When is the right time to invest in parking assets for optimal business success? Investing earlier rather than later helps contribute to infrastructure longevity and revenue potential. Delaying these decisions can result in setbacks later on, such as not having adequate parking and not having an accurate and efficient way to process payments.

When is the right time to explore and decide on parking access control and revenue systems when building or designing a paid self-park garage or lot? Again, making these decisions early in the planning process is ideal. Early decisions on parking access control and revenue systems for self-parking garages are essential for success. Investing in parking assets helps ensure efficient and timely payment processing and access control right from the start.

Having professional assistance makes the decision-making process go smoothly. Parking facility management services can help businesses optimize parking assets.Ready to optimize your parking assets for success? Contact FC Valet today for expert guidance and tailored solutions that align with your business needs.

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