Looking at Hospital Valet Services: Healthcare Valet Case Study Review

December 16, 2019

The true benefit of a professional valet service for a healthcare facility becomes evident when you look at real-life problems, comprehensive solutions and end results. FC Valet has partnered with some of the nation’s busiest hospitals and healthcare facilities to solve parking and patient throughput challenges and provide expert healthcare valet solutions. Hospital parking systems at a busy facility can be a monumental challenge. FC Valet hospital valet parking services can help increase patient and guest satisfaction while helping your facility streamline operations and cut costs.

See our case studies to learn how we solved these real-life challenges at busy healthcare facilities with careful planning, experienced staff and advanced technology.

What Success Has There Been with Healthcare Valet Services?

Since FC Valet began working with Advocate Health Care in 2010, we’ve cut their annual parking budget costs by 27%. We reduced bill rates and eliminated overtime and unnecessary billing hours with our Adaptive Staffing Model that responds to changing requirements. The information that’s collected  in our valet automation software lets Advocate Health Care administrators make staffing decisions that are based on sound data. 

Northwestern Medicine comprises 10 hospitals and hundreds of outpatient facilities. Our partnership has enabled them to improve their service by creating more campus parking. Valet parking was relocated to an employee parking area and a new shuttle service transported employees to an off-site parking location. This increased their parking capacity by 8% and customer satisfaction by 20% and helped streamline arrivals and departures.

We worked with Elmhurst Hospital to provide guests with improved access to hospitality and valet services. Previously, they managed their own valet service and struggled with training, employee turnover and guest satisfaction. By providing healthcare specific service and safety training for their existing valet team, as well as recruiting and training additional valets, we were able to improve their service, security and turnaround times.

Advocate Children’s Hospital came to FC Valet with their parking and patient traffic challenges. Limited parking was frustrating parents, and this led to late and missed appointments. The valet service we provided resulted in increased self-park spaces, a significant reduction in late arrivals and missed appointments, and an increase in customer satisfaction. Parents can text when their appointment is finished, and their vehicle is waiting for them at the front door. A web portal lets hospital staff request vehicles for their visitors. 

Other healthcare facilities that benefit from FC Valet services include Central California Veterans Affairs Hospital in Fresno and Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center, with improved traffic flow, lower operating expenses and greater parking revenue.

Why Does a Hospital Need Valet Services?

Hospital valet services enhance the patient and guest experience by taking the stress out of parking at a busy facility. It helps to streamline arrivals and departures, and controls vehicle traffic around entrances. A valet service frees up self-park spaces, for those visitors who wish to use that option. More paid parking creates more revenue for the facility. By creating more robust hospital parking systems, patients can be on time for their appointments, which makes the hospital run more smoothly and efficiently.

Why Should a Hospital Hire the Services of a Valet Company?

While some facilities may try to operate a valet service using in-house staff, it is far more cost efficient to hire a professional valet company like FC Valet. We offer highly trained staff and a suite of health care parking management and hospitality staffing services. We are dedicated to improving safety, enhancing the patient experience and helping healthcare facilities to reduce their operating costs. Our valet parking software system includes advanced tracking, point-of-sale collection, text-in vehicle retrieval and comprehensive reporting. We take care of the parking so that hospitals can stay focused on providing exceptional care for their patients.

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