5 Red Flags That You’ve Chosen the Wrong Valet Company

December 13, 2019

Whether you’re a restaurant owner, a manager at an exclusive hotel or a hospital administrator, providing exceptional service is of utmost importance. Happy customers lead to repeat business and glowing online reviews. Your hospitality may include premier valet service, to reduce the stress of parking and to provide a luxurious, upscale experience. Valet parking companies, when run by professionals, exude class and sophistication. But what happens when a valet service goes wrong? In this article, you’ll learn how to set up valet parking that you’ll be proud of.

What Could Happen if You Hire the Wrong Valet Company?

There are many bad valet parking stories, from unethical valets going on joy rides, to stolen belongings and lost cars. A valet driver might even get into an accident with a customer’s vehicle. Is there any way to know ahead of time that you’ve chosen the wrong valet service for your business?

Here are five “red flags” to look for when you’re hiring valet parking service.

  1. Poorly paid employees. A low wage job attracts younger, less experienced drivers who may want to race around inexpensive vehicles. They’re more inclined to steal personal belongings, since they’re not being paid enough. Companies that don’t follow labor laws can have negative public relations, bad press and financial impacts on their clients.
  2. No insurance certificate; no details regarding liability. If there is no detailed liability and insurance information in their contract, you should not hire them. If something occurs and you try to hold them responsible, they can say that nothing was in writing or agreed upon. 
  3. Negative online reviews or no reviews at all. If prior customers have had bad experiences with this valet service, there’s a good chance that you will, too. If you can’t find any information about a valet parking company, it may indicate that they haven’t been in business very long.  
  4. Valet staff look and act unprofessionally. You can tell a lot about a business by how their employees dress and behave. A sloppy appearance, rude language and lack of respect for your customers reflects badly on your organization. Chances are they’ll also be less careful with the vehicles. 
  5. Complaints from your customers. No one wants unhappy customers. Pay attention to what they say about the valet service you’ve hired. If a valued customer is not happy, it is a sure sign that you’ve chosen the wrong valet company.  

What Should You Look for When Hiring a Valet Company?

When hiring a valet service, look for a business with a strong online presence and great reviews. In the case of valet parking companies, this indicates that they have the necessary experience and that they’re well-respected. Make sure they can explain their employee benefit and compensation package, so that you know you’re dealing with seasoned professionals who are well-paid. Insist upon seeing a certificate of insurance, and then Google the valet company as well as the insurance agent. Make sure these are reputable companies, and then carefully read every detail of the contract before signing.

Are There Legal Consequences That Can Come from a Bad Hire?

Legal ramifications can occur if you hire a disreputable valet service. There may be damage done to a vehicle that they refuse responsibility for, leaving your company with repair expenses. If a valet driver gets into an accident with a customer’s car, your business may be held liable for property damage. In a worst-case scenario, there may be serious injuries caused by the valet driver, and your business could be sued. It is extremely important to read the fine print in your contract and understand the rules and regulations regarding liability.

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