The Complete Parking Solution: Combining Concierge, Valet, and Parking Management Services

December 13, 2019

Are you having traffic issues and parking challenges at your facility? You might be the manager of a hotel in a chaotic city center or a hospital administrator trying to improve patient satisfaction at a busy multi-facility campus. Giving your visitors a pleasant arrival and departure experience means providing easy-to-access parking, but that’s only the beginning. What you need is a parking management company, concierge company and valet parking service company, all rolled up into one! 

There may be different types of people trying to access your facility at various times of the day. Customers or patients, employees, doctors and nurses, administrators and management, maintenance workers and other visitors may be battling for the same limited number of parking spaces. Especially for a healthcare facility, it’s a lot to coordinate. That’s why it makes sense to hire an experienced parking management company that can provide valet service and parking expertise as well as concierge services that cater to everyone’s needs.

What Do Concierge Services Include?

At FC Valet, our concierge and guest services are custom designed to fit the unique needs of your organization. For a hotel, concierge services offer comfort and convenience to your guests while enhancing their stay. A concierge company advises about local attractions, makes dinner reservations, hails cabs and provides information about mass transit. They might also help plan events and assist guests during arrival and departure. 

Our hospital concierge professionals provide a wide range of services as they work with your staff, from clerical assistance to helping plan special patient events, assisting with check-in, organizing wheelchair transport, conducting hospital tours and helping visitors find their way around.      

Can You Handle Concierge, Valet, and Parking Management Services?

With more than 20 years of experience and over 600 highly trained employees, FC Valet is eminently qualified to deliver a wide range of concierge, valet and parking management services. In addition to our premiere concierge service, we offer valet parking, shuttle bus service and a wide range of offerings as a professional parking management company. These services are fully integrated to provide the best custom solution for your business.

Our valet parking service begins when your guest first drives up. Valets greet guests with a warm welcome, assist with mobility devices, escort them in bad weather and provide directions to their destination. Vehicles are safely parked and are ready for guests’ departures using advanced text-in vehicle retrieval. This attentive level of service improves overall customer satisfaction, while reducing congestion and controlling traffic flow. Parking is organized to free up self-park spaces for guests.

If it is determined during our initial assessment that your organization would benefit from shuttle bus service, we will organize and manage this to deliver the best service for your visitors and staff. For example, our patient transportation services for healthcare facilities combines valet service with shuttle operations to move employees, patients and visitors around the campus smoothly and efficiently.

FC Valet’s parking facility management encompasses everything you need to fully staff a parking garage, from attendants to managers and consultants to ensure optimal functionality and maximum profits. Our parking attendants don’t just monitor traffic that enters and leaves the garage. They ensure that lighting and other equipment is operating correctly, do regular inspections, perform maintenance tasks or work with your existing crew and keep the garage safe and clean. They also prepare the facility for bad weather, coordinate with shuttle bus services and valets and provide customer support when needed. We also provide facility and revenue management, including detailed financial reporting.

What are the Benefits of Staying with the Same Company for Different Services?

A fully integrated system of parking, transportation and concierge services from one highly experienced valet and parking management company offers many advantages. Quality service is consistent across all areas. Advanced technology monitors usage of the various services so that we can accurately predict exactly what you need and when you need it, for maximum cost savings. We cross-train staff to cover posts when employees call in sick or use PTO, with one manager and point-of-contact overseeing all support services. This enhances efficiency and minimizes costs. Our services include regular analysis to ensure that you’re receiving the greatest possible benefit from our services.

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