How to Increase Hospital Revenue with Parking Management

November 19, 2019

One of the most challenging places to park is a hospital. Visitors trying to get to different departments and facilities can make for a tangled mess. Many people have special needs and mobility issues that need to be addressed. It’s common sense that providing an efficient hospital parking system will reduce stress for patients, visitors and employees, but what you may not know is that professional hospital parking management can also increase hospital revenue.

What is Hospital Parking Management?

A parking management company overseas parking garages across the hospital’s campus, in addition to any valet parking and shuttle buses. This professional team coordinates hospital transportation services to ensure that everything operates as a cohesive, efficient system for the optimal flow of traffic. There may be self-park garages for guests and other visitors; shuttle buses for doctors, nurses, and staff; and valet parking for patients arriving for appointments. Parking management personnel are responsible for the operation and maintenance of parking structures and they may also assist patients and visitors.

Increase Hospital Revenue by Outsourcing Parking Management

A key question of hospital administrators is how to increase hospital revenue without increasing rates. There are several ways that a professional parking management company can help hospitals cut their operating expenses and boost profitability.

  • Ability to see more patients and provide better service. Improved parking efficiency lets hospitals successfully process more patients while providing exceptional service that leads to greater customer satisfaction. Having well-organized parking makes a busy hospital seem less chaotic.
  • Greater parking capacity for bigger profits. Valet service stacked parking can increase lot capacity to allow more cars, which directly boosts revenue. Valet attendants have a well-organized system so that vehicles can be easily retrieved when they are needed.
  • Reduced garage traffic to allow greater throughput of paying customers. Patients and guests have their choice of different parking options, and this reduces traffic congestion in and around self-park garages. A less stressful parking experience encourages better utilization of all available spaces, which can increase hospital revenue.
  • More efficient use of parking spaces. Not all visitors to your hospital are perfect drivers educated in parking etiquette. Their disorganized parking can cost your hospital business. With professional hospital parking management, that’s taken care of.
  • Includes control and oversight. A premier parking management and valet service provider like FC Valet includes revenue control and auditing as part of their comprehensive services, valuable tools for transparency and loss prevention.
  • Enhances labor efficiency. Less oversight is required by hospital staff, and integration with a valet service ensures that you always have enough drivers for your needs. This number can be easily adjusted as required, and if you want more control, digital tracking software shows your operations at a glance.  These tools will ultimately save you staff hours and overall labor costs, as well as keep you informed and up to date.
  • Streamlines appointments. Efficient parking reduces wait times by minimizing late arrivals. It also reduces missed appointments. In addition to happier patients, scheduling is more efficient and there is less lost revenue.
  • Enhanced patient satisfaction. Better parking management, which includes valet parking, is a big value add, especially for elderly and disabled patients. It reduces parking stress and replaces it with easy arrivals and departures. It also boosts HCAHPS scores. Hospitals thrive on customer loyalty, and providing a pleasant parking experience is a great way to build it.

In short, hospital parking managed poorly is likely already costing your hospital time and money. Every hospital administrator is looking for secrets on how to increase hospital revenue, and as parking gets more complicated with more variables to consider than ever before, it’s hard for administrators to devote the energy parking deserves. Once a hospital makes the switch to professional hospital parking management, they can watch revenue grow, add value for their guests, and focus more on what matters all at the same time.

Additional Benefits of Hospital Parking Management Handled by the Pros

Having professionals operate and maintain parking garages, valet services and shuttle buses saves a significant amount of resources. A parking management program can be customized and adjusted to meet the changing needs of a hospital facility. Comprehensive reports using the latest technology let hospital managers track revenue and see how hospital parking is being used. For these reasons, outsourcing hospital parking management is cost-effective and puts more time and power in the hands of hospital admins. For more information on how FC valet shows your team how to increase hospital revenue with ease, contact us.

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