Hire A Valet Parking Company For Your San Diego Hotel

June 1, 2020

Running a hotel in San Diego takes focus, discipline and resourcefulness. There are a lot of moving parts to manage and maintain, and if something goes wrong with one of them, the whole operation may suffer. Everything from the food service to housekeeping to customer service all in some way depends on each other.

A key component to the guest experience is transportation to and arrival at your hotel, hotel guest parking, vehicle safety and logistical concerns? Vehicle-related issues can affect your guests’ mood before they take a step inside the hotel. Luckily, you can hire a valet service in San Diego to take care of everything parking-related

Trouble With Traffic In The Area

It’s no secret that in addition to having beautiful coastline, rich and vibrant cuisine and gorgeous weather all-year-long, San Diego has issues with traffic congestion. While the traffic jams in San Diego might not be as well known as in the likes of Los Angeles or San Francisco, they can still turn going to your hotel into a stop and go headache. 

A report filed by INRIX Research in 2018 ranked San Diego as 40th out of the 50 Most Congested Cities in the U.S. The report further stated that residents of San Diego lose about 56 hours a year in traffic on average. Residents of Boston, the city with the worst traffic nationally according to the report, lose up to 164 hours per year.

Why Hire A Valet Company In San Diego?

When hiring a San Diego valet parking service, a good company will visit the hotel and develop a strategy for handling how much volume you see. This is called a parking plan. They will take several factors into account, such as the size of your parking garage, if you have one, street parking in the area, major roads nearby, where it’s legal to park, where visibility is good for security purposes and so on.

Knowing that a professional, experienced valet service is handling all of the vehicle arrivals and departures from your hotel will give you peace of mind knowing there is one less thing to worry about. From instilling a sense of value from the moment they arrive at finding a safe place to park their car in a parking lot, garage or on the street to bringing their vehicle to them so they don’t have to walk with luggage, your guests will thank you for hiring a valet service in San Diego.

What Sets A Good Valet Company Apart From The Rest?

There are many valet companies in San Diego. What sets the great ones apart comes in a variety of ways. One is their knowledge of the area and the time they take to make a parking plan that is easy-to-follow, convenient and safe.

An outstanding valet service staff will act as an extension of the hotel. They will go above and beyond simply parking and retrieving cars. They’ll be service-minded, professional and courteous.

Lastly, outstanding valet service in San Diego will discuss ways of anticipating problems before they happen. For example, great valet service will come up with a plan with you on how to handle intoxicated guests demanding their keys.

FC Valet: Your Outstanding Valet Service In San Diego

With over 20 years of experience in the valet service industry, FC Valet is a top-tier valet company ready to deliver exceptional service to guests at your San Diego property.

No hotel is too big or small for us. Through careful recruiting, immersive training and state of the art technology, we pride ourselves on providing remarkable valet parking, shuttle and parking management services. We will add an exceptional first and last experience for guests valet parking at your San Diego hotel. If you’re looking for San Diego valet parking for your hotel or other business, please contact us today!

Please call or send a message today to find out how FC Valet can help improve your guests’ experience!

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