FC Valet Responds to the COVID-19 Crisis

May 7, 2020

Since the day the Coronavirus landed in the United States, life hasn’t been the same for anybody. For those directly affected by COVID-19, through testing positive for the virus or having someone close who has, they are experiencing the harsh reality of present times first hand. For the rest of us, the virus has made it into our lives through social distancing, working from home and the uncertainty of when life will return to normal. 

Adapting to COVID-19 is critical to keep key parts of our society functioning. Never has it been more important for the sick to receive immediate medical attention at our hospitals, medical centers and clinics. Making things go smoother at hospitals across the nation is a group of professionals performing hospital support services.

FC Valet, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic hitting the U.S., is responding by repurposing our staff across all locations in a volunteer capacity to the hospital and medical care facilities in the communities we serve. Let’s explore some ways FC Health Valet is joining forces with the hardworking men and women in healthcare support services.

What Do Healthcare Support Services Do?

Healthcare support staff assist patients and their families in numerous ways. While they aren’t performing surgery or diagnosing illness, they play a vital role in helping medical staff and patients from the moment they arrive to the second they leave.

They provide support to doctors, surgeons, nurses and technicians through making beds, bathing patients, serving meals, monitoring patient’s vitals, cleaning and disinfecting, and retrieving and operating wheelchairs.

In the current Coronavirus crisis, some hospitals may be understaffed and not able to provide a high level of care and attention to the influx of patients. This could lead to exhaustion and burn out of current staff. That is why FC Valet is stepping in.

How is FC Valet Helping?

FC Valet employees will be at the service of the hospitals in which they are assigned, providing more than health care valet parking. They can perform some of the duties regular staff do and are assisting in other ways as well. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Guest Services / replacing volunteers
  • Parking lot management / assisted self-park / available space inventory
  • Wheelchair transport, inventory control & sterilization
  • Linen delivery
  • Cleaning and sanitizing wheelchairs, waiting rooms, cafeterias and other high touch areas
  • Traffic direction and wayfinding
  • Equipment delivery
  • Public safety “eyes and ears” support
  • Non-clinical support services

Why Is FC Helping Healthcare Support Services?

Because our valets are trained in more than parking cars, we saw this as a golden opportunity to lend our expertise in a variety of ways. 

For example, in the rush to get a loved one medical attention, a confused guest might park their vehicle in a fire lane, causing issues for other guests and emergency responders. We can assist with leading guests to where parking is safe and out of the way while getting their relative in the hospital.

We also will be corralling wheelchairs and making sure they are readily available and disinfected after last use, providing information for arriving guests and leading them in the right direction and, in the interest of our employees, they get to retain their position with the company.

FC Valet’s Commitment To Giving Back To The Communities We Serve

Adapting is necessary to prevail and like so many other ways, we are doing our best to help the dedicated members of the healthcare support services in the areas we serve.

At FC Valet, we are proud and appreciative of the opportunity to create value in helping medical facilities in need. In addition to the staff we’ve already sent out to hospitals, we have over 150 more highly-trained employees in our restaurant and hotel departments that we are ready to deploy should the need arise.

In this time of crisis, we are thankful to be able to adapt our purpose from providing high-quality valet services to delivering high-quality assistance in hospitals. If your hospital is facing shortages in healthcare services or if you know of one that is as the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, please contact us or connect us to that hospital. FC Valet is here to help!

Please call or send a message today to find out how FC Valet can help improve your guests’ experience!

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