Valet Parking in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada is a classic getaway. Whether they’re going to a bachelor or bachelorette party, trying to test their luck and skill in the casinos, or taking in a show, your guests are in Vegas to take a break from the stress of their lives. And let’s face it, parking is one of those stressors they’d likely rather leave behind.

This is where valet parking comes in to elevate your guest experience. It allows you to extend the curation of their experience further, letting them leave the world behind from the moment they pull up to your establishment until they are ready to depart. Additionally, guests won’t have to worry about parking stressors such as time limits, meaning they can enjoy their time without worry about fines or parking tickets.

Many establishments in Las Vegas offer valet services, so if your business does not, you may be lagging behind when it comes to the value Las Vegas guests have come to expect. Elevate your guest experience by incorporating valet into your parking system.

Valet parking in Last Vegas provides an array of benefits to you and your guests. In addition to parking and ensuring the safety of the vehicle, our valet will always do the following:

  • Greet guests, providing a warm welcome in the style of your establishment
  • Provide guests with concierge-level information and wayfinding
  • Assist guests with bags or luggage
  • Assist elderly or disabled guests
  • Escort guests in bad weather, ensuring guests stay safe and dry
  • Have guest’s vehicle ready for them upon departure, using our text-in vehicle retrieval
  • Make sure guest’s departure is as warm and memorable as their arrival

Perhaps you already offer valet service in your Las Vegas establishment, or have decided that valet is the way you want to go, but are choosing between Las Vegas valet service providers. Why should you choose FC Valet?

Find out how our valet services and parking management can help improve your guests’ experience!

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What Makes us Different?

Our People

We always say that “we can train people to park cars, we can’t train them to care.” Our industry-leading recruiting program finds the best candidates, who are then trained in accordance with AAA and Forbes standards.
Each of our employees has been background checked, and is trained to adhere to our standards and yours. In addition to our comprehensive training, FC valet employees will go through any training you require of your own staff members, which ensures we will provide the same brand of service that your guests expect from your organization. We staff the very best people and integrate them seamlessly into your operation.

Our Technology

Our proprietary technology creates full transparency in revenue and operating expenses. You’ll be on the same page with us when it comes to all of our operations, and will be able to see how our business benefits yours.

Our staffing system with online scheduling software verifies attendance in advance, preventing tardiness and missed shifts. GPS verified time clocks ensure accurate payroll reports. In addition, our FLEX teams of on-call staff are available at short notice, should you require additional valet drivers at any time.

Even a lost valet ticket can be handled easily, as our proprietary valet technology ensures all information is carefully tracked, and information such as vehicle drop-off time can be easily retrieved.

Lastly, our technology directly benefits your guests with text-in vehicle retrieval and two-way text communication. With our software, an article left in a guests vehicle is just a text message away, and their vehicle can be retrieved and be waiting for them when they are ready to depart.

If you’re ready to take your guest experience to the next level by offering valet service for your Las Vegas business, FC Valet is here to help. Contact us today, and ask to see our outstanding Yelp, OpenTable, Facebook and Google reviews.