Michigan Valet Services

Valet parking services in Detroit, Grand Rapids, Lansing, and Kalamazoo can provide businesses with a great value add for their customers. Street parking is available, but can be hard to find (or nearly impossible during big sporting events), and particularly for those coming from more suburban areas, it can be intimidating.

While parking prices in these cities are not exorbitant (in Detroit, street parking runs $1-2/hour, $1-$1.50/hour in Grand Rapids, and rates can be even lower in Lansing and Kalamazoo). However, these cities have strictly enforced time limits on these spots, and if your patrons are hoping to spend the day or evening on the town, these time limits are a hassle at best (and the cause for a pricey ticket at worst).

There’s really only one way to ensure a relaxing, curated experience from beginning to end for your guests, and that’s with valet parking in Detroit and the other major cities throughout Michigan.

FC Valet’s Michigan valet services:

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What Makes our Michigan Valet Services Different?

Our People

We always say that we can train people to park cars, we can’t train them to care. Our employees value guest experience and safety above all else, and are in the business of making peoples’ days better. Our industry-leading recruiting program finds the best candidates, who have the qualities of compassion and empathy that lead to amazing customer service. All of our employees are trained in accordance with Forbes and AAA standards.

In addition, our employees are background checked and trained to adhere to our standards and yours. We staff the very best people and integrate them fully into your business.

Our Technology

Our proprietary technology creates full transparency in revenue and operating expenses. Our staffing system verifies attendance in advance, preventing tardiness and missed shifts. GPS verified time clocks ensure accurate payroll reports. In addition, our FLEX teams of on-call staff are available at short notice, and can supply additional valet attendants at any time.

Lastly, our technology directly benefits your guests with text-in vehicle retrieval and two-way text communication. With our software, an article left in a guests vehicle is just a text message away, and their vehicle can be retrieved and be waiting for them when they are ready to depart.

If you’re ready to take your guest experience to the next level by offering valet services in Michigan, FC Valet is here to help. Contact us today, and ask to see our outstanding Yelp, OpenTable, Facebook and Google reviews.