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The Windy City is known for many things. Locals and tourists alike flock to Chicago for sporting events, theater and comedy performances, and amazing restaurants. But unfortunately, parking in the city cannot seem to keep up with the demand.

With both garage and street-parking prices climbing, many Chicago drivers are choosing to park further out and take a bus or cab to their destination.

Businesses in Chicago are feeling the pain from this problem, as well. In 2018 alone, more than 10 businesses closed in the West Loop neighborhood, with the primary reason cited being loss of patronage due to a lack of available parking.

Chicago is a city in need of a parking solution — that’s for sure. And valet parking is a solution that is growing in popularity. The Local Tourist notes that valet parking in Chicago is often cheaper, and always more convenient, than most other options.

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The Perils of Parking on Your Own

The Chicago Tribune notes that “Chicago drivers pay more for on-street parking than any other city.” At $6.50/hour in the Loop, Chicago’s metered parking certainly isn’t a cheap option, and with its strictly enforced 2-hour time limit, it’s often not the most convenient. And that is, of course, if you can find a spot to begin with.

Street parking in Chicago is also difficult because of the many zone bans that occur. Some bans, such as those related to residential parking and rush hour, are irritating but simple enough to keep track of. Others, including signs that ban parking in the event of more than 2” of accumulated snow, are more complex.

Doling out parking tickets left and right, and towing in excess of 100,000 cars per year, Chicago takes its rules very seriously. And that is understandable, given the high demand, but puts a strain on tourists and locals looking to engage in city life.

Parking Garages

Parking garages are certainly a safer option than street parking, when it comes to navigating all of the parking zone bans, time limits, and so on. But if you thought parking on the street was expensive, a parking garage isn’t going to be any better.

In fact, the Chicago Tribune reports that “Chicago ranked third most expensive in the nation for the cost of off-street parking, in garages or lots, at an average of $22 for two hours within a mile of the city center.”

Valet Parking in Chicago

One important part of solving parking problems is proper parking management. There are only so many spaces for so many drivers, each driver wanting to stay a variable amount of time. It’s no wonder that in busy areas, parking congestion can be such a problem.

That’s where valet parking services come in. Chicago valet parking services such as FC Valet can partner with businesses to ensure their patrons are able to come and go with ease. Using world-class valet parking technology, a top-notch valet service can also maximize the usage of each available parking space.

Patrons can rest easy knowing that their vehicle won’t be towed or ticketed, and businesses get a leg up by providing added value to their customers.

Because of this ability to maximize usage, valet sometimes ends up being less expensive than parking on your own. In fact, The Local Tourist writes that “Valet parking is not only convenient, it can also be cheaper than parking garages or metered street parking.”

At FC Valet, figuring out tricky parking situations is our specialty. We maximize the usage of every space we manage, using leading valet parking technology. We would love to save your patrons time and money, and help you keep your clientele happy and coming back. Contact us today for more information.