Why Your Facility Needs an Airport to Hotel Shuttle Service

September 27, 2019

Whether someone is traveling for business or pleasure, the mechanics of getting from the airport to the hotel and back again can be a trying ordeal. A shuttle service from airport to hotel facilities is a welcome sight when a traveler finds themselves in a chaotic airport or one that is far from the city center. Not all guests will be renting a car, and they might not have knowledge of public transportation. If their arrival is early in the morning, late at night or during rush hour, a weary traveler may find it difficult to find transportation that gets them quickly to the comfort of their hotel. 

There are other reasons for an establishment to offer shuttle (from airport to hotel) service, such as to streamline guest arrivals and departures, and to minimize random traffic around their facility.

How Does the Hotel Shuttle Service Work?

Depending upon the size of the hotel, their airport to hotel shuttle service may be on a regular schedule, or they may ask that guests call them upon arrival. Some airports have a hotel kiosk with courtesy phones. The dispatched shuttle will then take the guests and their luggage directly to the hotel. When the guest is ready to leave, the shuttle brings them back to the airport, dropping them off at the departures area of the terminal. 

A professional shuttle service can assist guests with their luggage and help those with mobility issues. A shuttle service driver can provide travelers with useful information, such as nearby restaurants, ATM machines and other things they might need upon arrival.  

How Does the Guest Benefit from a Hotel Shuttle Service?

Guests will enjoy staying in an establishment that offers a free shuttle from airport to hotel service. They’ll be saved the hassle, inconvenience and expense of having to rent a car, navigate an unfamiliar rapid transit system or hail a cab or Uber in new city. Ride hailing services can create a poor first or last impression, which reflects on the hotel and the entire travel experience. Foreign and elderly travelers aren’t used to ride hailing services and taxis may be limited or expensive.  A shuttle driver can also assist guests with their luggage from the room to the airport curb. 

How Can a Hotel Benefit from Offering Complementary Shuttle Service?

A hotel benefits from offering free shuttle service from airport to hotel in the following ways:

  • Provides a valuable amenity to hotel guests, which can result in customer loyalty, word-of-mouth recommendations and positive online reviews that generate additional business.
  • Helps to streamline guest arrivals and departures.
  • Reduces random traffic in front of the facility from taxis and Uber vehicles, which can cause noise disturbances and traffic jams, as well as complicate security.
  • Serves as a property asset that can be used to run errands or transport VIP clients to other destinations.
  • Shows that hotel management cares about guests’ safety, security and convenience.
  • Frees up parking spaces for guests who require vehicles.
  • Creates an upscale appearance.

How Much Do Guests Appreciate Hotel Shuttle Services?

A free shuttle from airport to hotel service is seen by hotel guests as a valuable amenity. A hotel shuttle waiting outside for them at the airport pick-up area is a welcome sight for weary travelers hauling heavy luggage. It is the guests’ first experience with the hotel, and first impressions are very important! A professional hotel shuttle service creates the impression of a 5-star facility and an organization that pampers and cares for their guests.  

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