Why Hospitals Need Valet and Hospitality Services

August 22, 2019

Hospitality in Healthcare

Hotels and hospitals seem to have little in common. One tries to create an enjoyable stay for guests. The other is focused on quality medical treatment for a positive health outcome. Valet and hospitality services are expected hotel amenities at the finer hotels, but until recently, they were not considered in even the most respected hospitals. Is hospitality in healthcare important? The answer may surprise you.

According to customer service consultant Micah Solomon, customers want “systems and smiles.” Whether it’s a premiere medical center or a luxury resort, consumers want a pleasant experience that runs smoothly. A hotel can be great at hospitality but awful at taking reservations. A hospital may be celebrated for their medical care but fall short in patient satisfaction. The problem can be anything from a confusing discharge procedure to not enough parking spaces for visitors. 

How Important is Patient Satisfaction? 

Patient satisfaction is of utmost importance to hospital administrators due to the HCAHPS (Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems) survey. It is the first nationwide, publicly reported account of patients’ satisfaction with their hospital care. Beginning in 2012, the CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) started withholding hospitals’ Medicare reimbursement based on their performance, with 30% of their decision based on how well they scored on the HCAHPS. Soon after this went into effect, hospitals began hiring hospitality professionals to help them be more hospitable to their patients.  

What are Healthcare Support Services?

Healthcare Support Services comprise all aspects of a hospital that keep the facility running smoothly, so that patients receive the best possible care with the highest level of satisfaction. A hospital’s support services department ensures that hospital rooms are clean, patient rooms are ready, food is tasty and nourishing, and many other considerations that enhance the patient’s experience. They also address the needs of doctors, nurses and other hospital workers, in addition to the experiences of the patient’s family and other visitors. Healthcare support services covers every aspect of the patient experience — from the moment they arrive at the facility to when they’re discharged and leave the premises. 

In a Hospital Setting, Every Employee is a Caregiver

Cleveland Clinic, a premiere medical facility, underwent its own transformation, after discovering that despite its reputation for outstanding medical care, they rated poorly in patient satisfaction. They concluded that all hospital employees, whether they were doctors, nurses, administrators or janitors, were caregivers, because their performance has an impact on patient well being and satisfaction. Upon paying more attention to the needs and concerns of the patient and treating them with respect and courtesy, they saw patient satisfaction greatly increase. 

Why Do Hospitals Need a Parking Solution?

In addition to constant flow of patients and visitors, who are already under a great deal of stress due to the circumstances, it is essential that doctors, nurses, administrators, hospital staff and maintenance crews can get where they need to go as quickly as possible. Hospitals present great challenges in terms of organizing traffic flow and reducing congestion, streamlining patient arrivals and departures, maximizing the available parking space and optimizing the parking layout. 

A survey of seniors, who account for 68 percent of hospital discharges, showed that their experiences of parking at a hospital greatly impacted their patient satisfaction. Parking conditions were second only to the lobby in terms of importance, and 46 percent found that paying at a machine was confusing, while 30 percent were frustrated by how far they had to walk to pay.  

A well-organized parking system is critical for a smooth-running facility and patient satisfaction.  

What Other Value Can a Valet Service Offer a Hospital?

A valet service takes the hassle and stress out of hospital parking for patients and their visitors. But that’s only part of the story. Well-trained valet professionals are attentive to their needs and concerns and can put minds at ease during a difficult time. They can answer questions and direct them to where they need to go. The right valet service will seamlessly integrate with the hospital’s operations and bring order to a chaotic traffic situation. They’ll provide an efficient parking system that transforms a stressful experience into a warm and welcoming one.

Since 1998, FC Health has led the way in parking and hospitality services for healthcare facilities. They offer the latest technology and have a team of more than 600 dedicated professionals who strive to enhance the patient and guest experience. The FC Health team makes everyone feel safe and well cared for, from arrival to departure. FC Health helps hospitals create a unique solution for their facility’s challenges. In addition to hospital parking and valet services, they offer hospital shuttle buses, healthcare concierge services and patient transportation services. Learn more about the value FC Health can bring to your healthcare organization.

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