How Valet Services Improve Hotel Conventions

August 21, 2019

Conventions are important sources of revenue for many hotels, from smaller boutique establishments to larger resorts. However, a convention adds an influx of visitors to what may already be a “full house” of overnight guests, which can make convention parking an important concern. While many convention attendees will likely be staying at the hotel, others will not, so it’s important to be prepared for additional human and vehicle traffic.

Convention Parking: Advantages of Using a Valet Service

Outsourcing parking during a convention has many advantages for general hotel operations, in addition to providing a valuable service for convention attendees. A dedicated hotel car valet service during a convention delivers benefits that go far beyond parking people’s cars for them. For example, a hotel valet attendant adds a level of sophistication to your establishment for special events, whether your facility is large or small. 

Other hotel convention valet parking benefits include the following:

  • Traffic Control – Hotel management has greater control over the flow of traffic into, out of and through their facility.
  • Clear Walkways – A hotel valet attendant can keep walkways clear and help organize both human and vehicle traffic.
  • Guest Satisfaction – Valet parking reduces impact on hotel guests who may not be attending the convention, by freeing up self-park areas for overnight guests (some convention attendees may not be staying at the hotel).
  • Parking Optimization – Vehicles can be parked at a remote location, if parking is scarce, and cars can be parked more tightly and efficiently.

Providing a Valet Service Can Improve the Convention Experience for Your Guests

Conventions are an exciting and powerful way for companies to advertise their products and services and do business with others in their industry. However, they can also be overwhelming and stressful. Providing your guests with a well-organized facility and easy-to-use convention parking will encourage them to use your services year after year. A valet parking service enhances the convention experience in many ways.

  • Makes a Good First Impression – A hotel car valet professional can give a warm greeting to convention attendees; valets can impart important information and answer any questions. 
  • Creates a Better Arrival and Departure Experience – A valet service provides a smoother entry and exit for convention guests.
  • Assists with Belongings – Valets can assist in opening and closing doors and helping with luggage and convention materials.
  • Provides Directions as Needed – Valet professionals can direct convention guests who aren’t staying at the hotel to the right location, minimizing confusion.
  • Minimizes Congestion – A valet parking service reduces impact on hotel guests attending the convention by controlling the flow of attendees to designated areas.
  • Enables Marketing Opportunities – A hotel valet attendant can give attendees printed information upon arrival and leave convention marketing materials in vehicles upon departure.

FC Hospitality Professional Hotel Valet Service

FC Valet believes that for convention attendees, their experience begins as soon as they arrive to your facility. Convention parking can be stressful, especially when carrying luggage or business materials. Our professional valet team gives your guests a warm welcome and assists them with their belongings, directing them to the convention location and answering any questions they might have about your hotel or the city. Our FC Hospitality team integrates seamlessly with your hotel staff.When guests are ready to leave, we have their vehicle ready for them, using our text-in vehicle retrieval system. We use the latest technology and the best trained professionals to provide the highest level of service. Read more about how FC Hospitality can help make your hotel convention facility stand out from the rest.

Please call or send a message today to find out how FC Valet can help improve your guests’ experience!

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