How to Make Your Shopping Mall More Convenient and Efficient

July 18, 2019

You want your shopping mall to be an oasis — an escape from the stressors of the outside world. Your shoppers look to you to provide an atmosphere where they can enjoy themselves while browsing your stores and dining in your restaurants. The better the experience you provide, the more likely your shoppers are to return, and the more profitable your tenants will be.

But a day out shopping can quickly be made stressful by parking woes. From the moment a shopper drives into a packed parking lot, a relaxing and enjoyable experience morphs into a chore, which is the last thing you want for your customers.

Add to that the inconvenience of hauling heavy bags to their cars, trekking back across the shopping mall when they end up on the opposite side of the mall from where they parked, and needing to take multiple trips to drop off bags throughout the day, and you have a recipe for stress.

Shopping Mall Parking Solutions

Fortunately, there is a simple solution to this problem. By providing shopping mall valet service, you transform what could be an unpleasant experience into one marked by sophistication and ease.

From the moment your customers pull into your parking lot, their experience with you begins, and shopping mall valet services will enhance that experience by:

  • Providing a warm and effortless arrival and departure
  • Allowing guests to drop off bags to be stored in their vehicles as needed
  • Coordinating pickup at any one of multiple valet parking stations
  • Helping guests load purchases into their vehicles
  • Assisting elderly and disabled guests from their vehicles into the shopping center

FC Valet provides exceptional shopping mall parking solutions paired with cutting-edge technology. Guests can have their vehicle waiting for them at any pick-up location by using text-in vehicle retrieval. Our highly trained staff members utilize advanced software and car tracking to ensure they always know where every vehicle is at every moment, and can valet a vehicle from one location to another swiftly.

Shopping Mall Valet Improves Parking for All Customers

Valet parking isn’t just beneficial to those utilizing it. Of course, the most direct benefit will be gleaned by valet customers, but those choosing to self park will also see positive effects from shopping mall valet parking.

Many shopping mall parking lots and garages are packed with cars, particularly on weekends and around the holidays. It can be difficult to find a spot at all — let alone one near an entrance. Additionally, traffic caused by vehicles waiting to pull into a spot or circling looking for parking can create bottlenecks and be a giant hassle.

By taking valeted cars out of this equation, valet service creates a variety of shopping mall parking solutions:

  • Opens up prime parking spots towards the front
  • Alleviates traffic congestion in lots and garages
  • Increases total parking capacity by the use of stacked parking for valeted vehicles
  • Provides parking experts to help direct traffic during particularly congested times

Your customers can also feel safer with the increased security provided by having multiple valet parking stations throughout your lots or garages.

Benefits Your Business

Of course, valet parking is a nice service to provide to your customers, but it also benefits your shopping mall’s business in a variety of ways.

First and foremost, it improves customer loyalty. By taking stress out of the equation and providing a streamlined experience for your customers, you make a day out shopping fun and carefree. Particularly when competing with online retailers, this is extremely important.

Shopping mall valet parking is also a revenue driver in and of itself. FC Valet’s proprietary revenue tracking technology will provide thorough and transparent accounting reports. This revenue source is ideal in that it creates revenue without you needing to provide additional time or resources to operate it.

Additionally, valet service provides a great advertising platform. Because all of FC Valet’s shopping mall valet parking services take place via technology, you will have a text message thread already open with your customers, and can send out offers, surveys, or advertisements following the valet service.

Shopping Mall Valet in Practice

FC Valet recently implemented service at Oakbrook Center, a high-end retail and entertainment district. We provide service at five locations on the property and park several thousand vehicles each week. We implemented software that allows guests to pick up their vehicles at any of the stations, regardless of where they dropped it off. This is a huge convenience to guests, and is providing great returns for this center.

Let FC Valet transform your shopping mall parking services by offering valet. Our shopping mall parking design consultants can work with you to create the optimal valet system for your property. Contact us today to find out how we can help grow your revenue and increase customer loyalty through the use of valet services.

Please call or send a message today to find out how FC Valet can help improve your guests’ experience!

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