What to Include in Your Agreement with a Valet Service Provider

March 22, 2024

Offering valet parking services to customers can benefit your business in multiple ways. These services can improve the customer experience, increase business, and generate more revenue. Hotels, hospitals, and other facilities sometimes make use of valet service for hire as a courtesy to customers or patients. Before using this kind of service, it’s important to have an agreement in place. This includes detailed information on terms of service, pricing, and more. Learn more about what to include in a valet parking services agreement.

Hiring a Valet Service

What services are offered by the valet? Valet services typically include having an attendant greet guests, park their vehicle in a secure location, and store their keys safely. Attendants also bring vehicles to the building entrance or another designated area when guests are ready to leave. Hiring a valet service helps improve traffic flow, enhances safety, and increases customer or guest satisfaction. What should you look for in a valet service provider? Find one that offers carefully vetted parking attendants with clean driving records. This helps ensure safety and high-quality service. When you find a valet service you’re interested in hiring, create an agreement first. A proper agreement and terms of service are a crucial part of doing business with a provider. These agreements ensure that both you and the service you hire understand what is expected as far as responsibilities, performance standards, duration, and other factors.

Things to Include in Your Agreement with a Valet Service Provider

How do I write a valet parking proposal? Determine the details you need to include in your valet parking service proposal first, such as terms of service and payment information. Once you know what information should be in the proposal, you can write it up and wait for the provider to look it over. Your valet parking services agreement should have all of the following information. Provide as much detail as needed, but make sure the agreement is worded clearly. This helps reduce the risk of conflicts or misunderstandings between you and the provider.


What specific services do you need from a valet service? What kinds of responsibilities do you expect from this service? When writing an agreement, include details on particular services and responsibilities that the valet company should provide.

Insurance and Liability

Valet service insurance is a highly important part of your agreement. This should include information on liability insurance for damages, along with general insurance. A valet parking services agreement should also include information on workers’ compensation in case attendants are injured on the job.

Terms and Duration of Agreement

Stating clear and concise valet parking terms of service is also essential for your agreement. This information should include the start and end dates of the service, whether you’re hiring for specific occasions and events or using this service on an ongoing basis. This part of the agreement should also include details on provisions, terminations, and agreement renegotiations.

Payment and Pricing

Payment and pricing information for valet services should have a specific structure. This helps you understand fees and determine if there are any hidden charges. Your valet parking services agreement should have information on specific costs for extra services that are provided and any costs or fees for special events or holidays.

Performance Standards and Termination

Valet service providers should adhere to certain standards to ensure high-quality, dependable service. These standards include courtesy, professionalism, and timeliness. Your agreement should mention these performance standards and include information on termination of service if these standards aren’t met.

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