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Ways to Improve Your Parking Program

November 29, 2022

When you have a parking program in place to accommodate guests or visitors, you might encounter problems that reduce its effectiveness. Guests might have trouble parking due to debris in parking spaces or aisles. Visitors might choose to avoid using your hospitality parking services if they don’t feel safe due to dimly lit areas, icy surfaces, pests, or other problems.

Finding ways to improve parking in your garage can encourage guests and visitors to return and increase revenue. You can make improvements to your parking facility in the following ways.

Check All Technical Systems Regularly

Computerized systems and electronic gates in your parking garage can offer convenience, but they can become a major issue if they stop functioning. Check these systems on a regular basis to make sure that they’re working properly. This can help reduce the chance of having guests or visitors go elsewhere to park due to problems with your technical systems.

Offer Professional Car Parking

If your hotel or business does not offer valet parking, consider adding it to your parking program. Valet parking offers significant convenience for guests or visitors, since they don’t have to walk to and from their parked car in your garage. Valet parking can also make it easier for you to maximize parking spaces in your facility.

 Provide Shuttle Service Coordination

Making sure hospital visitors or hotel guests have shuttle services between your parking facility and building is another effective way to improve your parking program. As part of your professional car parking services, consider offering shuttle coordination.

Maintain Clean and Safe Conditions

Your parking garage should provide a clean and safe place to park at all times. If you offer valet parking, keeping your garage in good condition can help visitors or guests feel at ease about leaving their car there. If you have guests or visitors who park their vehicles themselves, offering a safe and clean environment is highly important. Have staff clean up trash and debris, check signage and lighting, do storm preparations, and check for other safety hazards.

Explore Parking Revenue Management Options

Accurate and timely financial reporting is essential when you have a parking garage that generates revenue. Hiring a company to manage your parking revenue can help ensure that you maximize this earning potential. These services can make sure guests or visitors are charged correctly and perform routine upkeep to encourage them to continue using your parking garage.

How Can We Reduce Parking Difficulties?

At First Class Valet, we offer valet parking management aimed at reducing parking problems. Our trained and experienced attendants can oversee traffic flow into and out of your parking facility to lower the risk of crowding and maximize available parking spaces. Our services can also prevent parking hazards, such as trash, slippery surfaces, and poorly lit areas.

When you’re exploring parking garage management options for your facility, please contact First Class Valet for more information. We offer reliable parking management services for hotels, hospitals, and other facilities.

Please call or send a message today to find out how FC Valet can help improve your guests’ experience!

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