Valet Parking Keeps the Flow of Hospital Traffic Controlled

December 16, 2021

When people consider hospitals, parking might be one of the last things they think of. Patients are either arriving with an emergency and need to get to where they need to be quickly, or they might be nervous and anxious. The last thing people want to be worried about when they arrive for treatment or to visit a loved one is trying to navigate a parking lot to find a spot.

Enter valet parking. A high-quality and professional valet parking service at your hospital can help keep the flow of traffic controlled. Patients can leave their car with the valet knowing that their car is taken care of and they don’t need to waste time trying to find parking. There also won’t be a large build up of cars near entrances.

At FC Valet, we are proud to provide hospitals and healthcare campuses with our world-class FC Health valet services. Our valets can enhance patient experience, control the flow of traffic, and optimize the amount of space available for parking. We can be an asset to your hospital or healthcare campus, and below is a breakdown of how.

Benefits of Hospital Valet Parking

Beyond helping to control the flow of traffic, valet parking has several benefits in a hospital setting. Here are a few to consider.

Maximize Available Parking Space

For those hospitals with limited amount of available parking space, valet parking can help. Specially training valets know how to use the space available to them and park cars accordingly with precision and stacking when necessary. This allows for more space for employees and medical personnel, and maximizes space available for those who want to independently park their car.

Traffic Control

Hospital entrances and campus roads can become congested and blocked when there isn’t parking available, or patients are trying to navigate lots. With valet parking, the traffic headache can be eliminated as valets handle driving cars to the lot and organizing them accordingly.  

Patient Experience

FC Health valets go beyond just parking cars. We can help enhance the patient experience by being an extra set of hands for patient transfers and a friendly face greeting patients upon arrival. We can also act as added security for your parking structure so patients can leave their car with peace of mind knowing it will be safe during their stay.

FC Valet Is Parking With Patients In Mind

Valet parking is more than just a luxury, especially for hospital patients who are thinking about everything but where to park their car. We want to help enhance the care your hospital already provides its patients by giving them one less thing to worry about. Our top-quality valets are professionally trained to help keep hospital traffic moving and your patients happy.

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