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Three Ways Valet Can Improve Your Business This Winter

December 20, 2022

As winter weather descends on businesses, there are often numerous additional tasks to take on, such as keeping the floors clean and dry and ensuring customers and employees have no trouble going from the parking lot to the door. To facilitate a better experience, consider the value of adding valet parking services to your establishment. Doing so helps you meet a very important safety and convenience need, and it can also drive value for your business. 

How Valet Parking Services Matter This Winter

Consider your own experience when stepping out into the winter weather and what a valet service could offer to you. There are three big ways it can boost your business, especially in the hospitality and hospital industry. 

Add Value to Your Customers’ Experience

A big valet parking benefit is that it improves your customers’ experience when visiting your location. Instead of having to maintain the parking lot to ensure that your visitors are safe as well as comfortable walking into your building, they can pull up to the door and get out. That seems simple enough, but it can do several things for your business.

  • Customers don’t get a bad first impression trudging through the snow in the parking lot. Their first experience is your warm, dry building.
  • There are fewer safety risks when using a valet service. There’s less room for someone to fall on a patch of ice or snow. 
  • Customers appreciate the valet parking benefit because they don’t have to deal with the complications of winter driving, like the challenges of parking in snow, cleaning off their windows after their appointment, or having to deal with the bitter cold wind as they walk to their care.
  • Minimize their pain and discomfort, too. For those hospitals and medical centers that offer valet service, the key benefit here is to ensure your patients don’t have to deal with winter weather that could risk injury.
  • Make people happy. Let’s be frank – this is a big valet parking benefit. You want your customers to see your service in a positive light as if you are taking care of them. Impress them. Meet their needs to keep them coming back.

FC Valet can help you to impress your customers and patients every time they visit. Contact us today to learn more about the services we offer and how they can work to improve your reputation with your visitors.

Ensure Parking Is Used Properly

Another key benefit of valet parking services is their ability to make the most out of your premium parking spaces. If you operate in an area where parking is limited, you want to be sure your customers never choose not to visit because they cannot find a place to park.

With the help of parking valets, every spot is used properly and judiciously to ensure that the parking lot is getting the most use possible. In winter, that’s especially important, especially when areas may be off-limits due to snow or ice buildup. 

Generate Increased Revenue 

By providing company parking for a fee, customers get to choose if it works for them. If they want the benefit of using a parking service, they can have it. They control their customer experience, and you maintain the business reputation.

Doing so creates an opportunity for you to add a bit of revenue to your business. Parking operations can be paid for, in full, by your customers then, even as they still feel valued by the offer of the service. 

How can a valet service improve my business?

The use of valet parking services helps boost your company’s revenue, minimizes safety risks, and helps to keep your customer experience high. Even in limited parking environments, this service ensures the best overall experience for all involved.

Set Up a Consultation to Discuss Valet Service for Your Business Operation

FC Valet offers a wide range of services to meet the needs of today’s clients. While we specialize in offering valet parking services to hospitality and hospital providers, we work with all types of companies that want to provide this service to their customers and patrons. Find out what this additional service can do for your company.

Please call or send a message today to find out how FC Valet can help improve your guests’ experience!

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