How Valets Can Help Make Your Business More Accessible

November 8, 2023

No matter what type of business you operate, it’s essential that your building is accessible for people with mobility issues. In fact, each U.S. state has its own laws requiring that commercial facilities be made accessible for people with physical disabilities.

Working with a parking service like FC Valet is a great way to make your business more approachable for people with mobility issues and those who need it most. Especially for hospitality and health care operations, valet services reduce walking distances and promote accessibility for people on large properties.

FC Valet knows what it takes to meet accessible parking requirements for businesses. We can help solve logistical issues with accessibility, while also ensuring that your chosen methods are as cost-effective as possible.

Meeting Accessible Parking Requirements for Businesses

When you implement accessible parking at your business, you show patrons that you are interested in their well-being. A vast majority of commercial businesses are also legally required to provide accessible parking.

In an extensive study by the Accessible Parking Coalition (APC), they lay out some noteworthy statistics concerning parking access for people with mobility issues:

●  69% of people have a difficult time finding parking

●  65% of interviewees feel that Main St. is the toughest place to find accessible parking

●  80% of people feel that accessible parking fraud is a problem

●  64% of people feel that shopping malls are the hardest place to find accessible parking

These statistics should illuminate the fact that accessible parking is a real issue in both public and private spaces today. Providing accessible parking spaces ensures that individuals with disabilities can access goods and services like everyone else – thus promoting equality and diversity.

How Many Accessible Parking Spots Are Required at My Facility?

If you are wondering how many accessible parking spots are required at your facility, you will have to do a bit of research on your local laws. For example, in the state of California, one accessible parking spot is mandated per 25 normal spaces. However, this ratio can vary based on specific building codes and accessibility regulations in your area.

How Valet Services Help Meet Accessible Parking Requirements for Businesses

While getting your accessible parking system up-to-speed is a great start, you can do a lot more to satisfy customers by working with valet service.

ADA Valet Parking

While different U.S. states and municipalities have their own laws concerning accessible parking, all of them must comply with federal regulations within the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). While the ADA focuses more on minimum parking requirements – such as location and access isles – working with a valet service goes above and beyond minimum ADA requirements. Especially if you are in the hospitality industry, restaurant valet parking is the ideal choice for keeping guests with mobility issues satisfied.

Trained Valet Professionals

When it comes to helping people with mobility issues access your building, trained valet professionals will give your guests the care and attention they deserve. Their expertise ensures safe and efficient assistance, minimizing the risk of accidents or injuries. Whether it be helping people out of their cars or ushering them around a large facility in a wheelchair, nothing beats the hands-on approach of trained valet professionals.

Custom Parking Solutions and Shuttle Services

Custom parking solutions and shuttle services play an integral role in guest safety and satisfaction in large operations like hospitals and resorts. When you work with a provider like FC Valet, we will optimize traffic flow, maximize parking space efficiency, and enhance the overall guest experience. At hospitals, valet services ease patient access, minimize stress, and facilitate quick transportation. For the service industry, hotel valet parking services reduce the walking distances so guests can fully enjoy their stay.

What FC Valet Can Provide 

FC Valet is an all-inclusive valet parking company that provides an array of transportation services for hospitals, restaurants, resorts, shopping centers, corporate offices, and more. When you partner with FC Valet, you can expect to get the following perks:

●      Parking plans that improve the flow of traffic

●      Oversight to increase event parking capacity

●      Shuttle services for events and conferences

●      Top concierge and guest services

●      Hospital patient transportation offerings

FC Valet ties together all of these services with top-trained employees, industry-leading technology, and unmatched customer service.

Want to Increase Accessibility? FC Valet is Here to Help!

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