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Parking in Arizona’s bustling downtown centers of Scottsdale and Phoenix can be a hassle. As both of these cities make changes to parking regulations, potential customers can be dissuaded from choosing to go downtown for a day or night out.

Scottsdale, a vibrant and growing hub for business, culture, and the arts, can get pretty busy. Street parking in Old Town and surrounding areas is generally free, but can get filled up, leaving drivers looping around blocks, trying to find a spot nearby their destination.

And these free spots have 2-hour time limits, which can be a real deterrent when you’re looking to spend some quality time out on the town. The nightlife in Scottsdale is a huge draw, but these time limits might mean a fun night out ends up in a ticket, which is a valid worry for your patrons.

Phoenix has no shortage of parking when it comes to spaces in lots, but because of the price difference between lots and street parking, vied-for meter spaces quickly fill up. In addition, meters recently began charging from 8 in the morning until 10 at night, which has driven some business from this downtown center.

You want your customers to be able to get to your business worry-free, and hang out, spending money until they’re ready to leave. You don’t want parking to ever be the thing that keeps someone from visiting your establishment.

Thankfully, there are Arizona parking solutions, and your business can benefit from paying some attention to your guests’ parking woes. Valet parking in Scottsdale and Phoenix can provide an amazing value-add to your customers, while helping you to ensure your business levels don’t suffer as a result of annoying parking situations.

Hot Cars – Another Important Parking Consideration

One other consideration, unique to Arizona, is that cars can get too hot sitting in the sun. Too much heat, as well as the quick temperature drops between day and night, can wreak havoc our vehicles.

Extremely hot temperatures can cause damage to tire rubber, drying them out and making a blowout more likely. Batteries can be negatively impacted by heat, as the water inside of the battery evaporates faster than normal, which leaves lead plates exposed. The battery can end up without the amperage necessary to start the car once the temperatures drop.

In addition, heat causes gas to evaporate more quickly, negatively impacting fuel efficiency, and oil and coolant both need to be changed more often the hotter it gets.

It is always better to keep cars parked safely in a garage, which a Scottsdale or Phoenix valet service provider will be able to arrange.

FC Valet’s Arizona Valet Parking Solutions

FC Valet’s Arizona valet parking service:

  • Alleviates stress for your patrons
  • Adds an air of sophistication to your business
  • Maximizes the time your guests can spend in your establishment
  • Provides a safe and convenient welcome for elderly guests and those with mobility issues
  • Replaces the stress of parking and carrying bags with a warm, effortless welcome, and lets customers know you care
  • Works with app based ride platforms to ensure overindulged guests have a safe ride home
  • Provides a platform for optional marketing texts, sent to guests upon departure

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What Makes our Arizona Valet Parking Services Different?

If you’re ready to provide valet parking in Scottsdale or Phoenix to your guests, you might be wondering why should you choose FC Valet.

Our People

What sets us above the rest is our people. We can train people to park cars, we can’t train them to care. Our industry-leading recruiting program finds the best candidates, who are then trained in accordance with Forbes and AAA standards.

Our employees are all background checked and trained to adhere to both our standards and yours. We staff people who possess the intangible qualities of empathy and dedication to their work, and integrate them seamlessly into your operation.

Our Technology

Our proprietary technology provides full transparency into our revenue and operating expenses. Our staffing system verifies attendance in advance, which prevents tardiness and missed shifts. GPS verified time clocks ensure accurate payroll reports. Our FLEX teams of on-call staff add another layer of security, as they are available at a moment’s notice, should you have a busier night than anticipated.

Our technology also directly benefits your customers with text-in vehicle retrieval and two-way text communication. An article left in a guests vehicle is just a text message away, and their vehicle can be ready and waiting for them when they depart.

If you’re ready to up your guest service game by offering Arizona valet parking services, FC Valet is here to help. Contact us today, and ask to see our outstanding Yelp, OpenTable, Facebook and Google reviews.