The Benefits of Hospital Valet Parking

December 16, 2021

Think back to finding a parking spot at a hospital. You drive up and down lots trying to find an open spot, eagerly awaiting a visit to loved ones inside. If your father or mother were at the hospital, you likely don’t want to waste time finding a parking spot. 

But that’s the reality many visitors are faced with when going through that hospital entrance. This doesn’t have to be the case. Instead, we’ll discuss the benefits valet parking services bring to hospitals. 

How Can Healthcare Valet Services Benefit Patients? 

The first question of this service comes back to patient benefit. So, does having parking attendants result in a better patient experience? 

There are many ways hiring valets can improve your experience:

  • Valets save your patients the stress of needing to find a parking space
  • Valets save your patient’s time and keep your departments on schedule by preventing the need to walk from the parking spots
  • They can provide instructions for where to go, avoiding confusion and improving patient satisfaction
  • Valets help the elderly and mobility impaired guests

High-performing valets will assist your patients whenever needed. That assistance results in an overall improvement for your healthcare business.

How Does Having Valet Attendants Help My Healthcare Business?

It Helps You Be More Efficient

Cars stuck in parking lots cause significant congestion. This can be incredibly frustrating if your parking lot is busy. Valets have experience in managing traffic efficiently. As a result, they save you time and money. 

FC Valet has a case study where we were able to increase capacity by 42%. This increased capacity resulted in an improved arrival and departure experience for visitors. 

Valets are Great For Worried Hospital Guests

Many hospital guests are on their way to handle a family emergency. Guests aren’t thinking about parking options. Instead, they want to get inside to see their loved ones. 

Valets take that worry out of their hands, allowing guests to rush inside during vital moments. Their loved ones will be happy they arrived for events like childbirth.  

It’s Easy To Control Valet Operating Costs

Many hospitals worry about the operational costs of adding a valet service. However, you can contract a parking staff to third-party individuals. These third parties specialize in this sort of service, making them more efficient at keeping costs down. 

Ideally, the higher level of efficiency for your healthcare facility will pay for this service by itself. When you don’t have to worry about finding parking for patients, you can leave that problem in the hands of valet services.

How Do You Organize Valet Parking for Hospitals?

You can see there are more than a few reasons to invest in valet services. However, the organization of this parking service is just as important. Below are some tips to ensure your valet offering remains efficient: 

Have A Specific Lot for Valet Parking

Our earlier case study was successful because it had a reserved valet lot. If you use a standard parking lot for this service, you’ll still run into congested traffic. You’ll also have higher chances of confusion, as mixing personal and professional parking can make cars hard to track. 

Ensure Valets Have Knowledge Of Your Hospital

Another crucial element of valets is being a natural guide. They may track and handle parking vouchers, but they also are specialists in finding out where patients and guests need to go. This can be incredibly important for those stopping by the emergency room. 

Always be sure your valets have an understanding of where places are in the hospital. Valets can provide detailed instructions on how to navigate a hospital map. This practice will prevent lost visitors and reduce frustration. 

Offer Transportation Services To and From Parking Lots

Larger lots always have the issue of patients and visitors shuffling through long lines of cars to get to the front entrance. For situations that require immediate patient care, getting into the hospital quickly is crucial.

Your valet team can coordinate with patients and visitors in getting them to where they need to be. This results in an environment with fewer people stalling and more people moving towards essential services. 

Transportation services also provide those with mobility issues greater access to your hospital. Receiving transport from some parking lots to important destinations makes your hospital more efficient and convenient. 

A Quick Review of Healthcare Valet Parking Benefits

If you run a large to medium healthcare facility, valet parking provides you a wide range of benefits:

  • More efficiency 
  • Less traffic congestion
  • Safer for pedestrians 
  • Assistance for the disabled or elderly 
  • A friendly face to give directions 

To see how valet services can work for your hospital, contact FC Valet. Our company can show you how valet services can increase efficiency, capacity, and safety. 

Please call or send a message today to find out how FC Valet can help improve your guests’ experience!

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